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One Week Dynamic (10.25 ~ 10.31) | This Week You Must Know LED Big Event

May 12, 2017

 Engineering LED stadium lights Huang Yaping At present, the Organizing Committee has publicized the Golden Globes micro-channel real votes final vote. November 6 organizing committee will announce the final shortlist. Able to get the last Golden Globe, as well as the final judges vote and this off-site voting (will be released when the November 6 announced the finalists in live voting rules) after the finalists. For optical and Hongyan Electric reached a machine Substitution strategy, transformation projects include Castle Lake Industrial Park geese automatic assembly line of lighting products, electrical products Wuchang Hongyan Industrial Park as well as automated assembly line Hongyan Industrial Park Wuchang automatic production line of electronic products. Schneider to sell its lighting business unit Juno Lighting LLC entire share, or suggest that another international giant exit lighting business. Dir market, the future of LED stadium lighting industry, low capacity must be eliminated, the market spoiler leave the industry, so truly committed to the brand and technology companies adhere to down, so the industry have a way out. 2, it is understood, LED lighting market to accelerate the amount of heat from the supporting materials industry has brought great opportunities, especially just to be driven by policy LED lights radiating shell kit market demand surge. With the current rapid development of high-power commercial lighting and outdoor lighting market, the market demand for LED heat lamps also rapidly rising housing. 3, the increasing popularity of LED tunnel lights products with added lighting industry enterprises increased constantly started a price war, at the same time, traditional enterprises are facing the impact of the Internet and economic downward pressure, LED lighting industry has a blue ocean red sea, business survival worrying. 4, LED arena lights industry into mature, the number of firms will be less and less, GGII said blindly take the low road of business is difficult to face competition in the future as well as current market and industry under great integration, many enterprises We will face a crisis of survival. 5, 400 billion yuan investment in the Sino-British cooperation, import and export trade LED will usher in an unprecedented opportunity, Chinese enterprises should actively carry LED tennis court lights Britain Golden Age Express, accelerate the pace cars from a number of industries, infrastructure, sports and other incisions to speed up access UK LED product market. 6, the current 3D technology matures, many practitioners in LED tasted the sweetness of which, as the country's Zhongshan Guzhen lighting Experiment Center, is open to the implementation batches. Listed company, China photoelectric Holdings (01332.HK) announced that the proposal for a consideration of 496 million yuan acquisition of LED high bay lights business --- High Gear Holdings Limited of the entire equity interest agreement has expired, the reason is a prerequisite for the expected agreement will not be in Finally reached before the deadline. 2, 2015 January to September, mulinsen revenues 2.887 billion yuan, edged up 4.24 percent year on year, net profit of 249 million yuan. This year, mulinsen drastic expansion of production capacity and development of the terminal lighting business. 3, Aihua Group in the first three quarters attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 148 million yuan, an increase of 11% over the previous year of 133 million yuan year on year. To maintain revenue and net profit double the growth trend, mainly due to the layout of the company in the field of LED gym lights power. 4. An optical three first three quarters of net profit attributable to shareholders of listed 14.47 billion yuan, up 37.82 percent. Recently, to be 180 million yuan capital increase, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wuhu Anrui. 5, Lumileds Lighting division with $ 3.3 billion sale to a consortium funded plan blocked, because the United States authorities in order to oppose the deal on national security grounds. 6, NVC Lighting resume trading after the crash ushered in the biggest decline was 40%, after the storm the palace fighting ended a feather. 7, Hongli Opto-electronic net profit doubled in the third quarter, but also actively expand the extension of the industrial, vehicle networking, in order to establish LED tennis court lights Opus Dei + Internet + car finance ecological networking platform. Three new board 1, Hang SOLARPOWER listed three new board approved, Dr. Gao Jiwei Technical Director Hang SOLARPOWER said Hang SOLARPOWER filament lighting efficiency has exceeded 200lm / W, and having healthy eye characteristic zero blue leakage in the market popular customer recognition. 2 million people lighting (833893.OC) Main LED filament lamp, recently successfully listed three new board. 3, LED display enterprises Shanghai ONBON successfully listed three new board, single-color controller occupy the domestic high-end half. Big data 1, in addition to the packaging field, Linsen also stepped into the manufacture and sale of LED lighting into the finished product, so far, Linsen in the domestic market to build more than 2,000 dealers and more than 26,000 core sales outlets in the country is successfully break into North America, India, Turkey and other markets. 2, LED production and research Engineering Institute (GGII) survey data show that single upstream chip prices fell by more than 30%, the packaged device prices have declined about 30 percent, the portion of the device prices fell more than 50%. As LED lighting application side, is showing a less consistent phenomenon, light type of lighting products, such as bulbs, lamps, etc., the first half of the price drop by about 25 percent. 3, LED production and research Engineering Institute (GGII) statistics show that, from the supply and demand situation, LED low power supply overcapacity, especially low-power indoor lighting power, serious disorderly market competition, price wars have already begun. The average price range of small power supply of about 0.4 to 0.6 yuan / W, the high-end price of about one yuan / W. Link. Focus overseas 1, GE unveiled a new bulb product \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; C Sleep, you can adjust the color temperature according to time of day. GE hopes to better the user indoor lighting and outdoor lighting to match the actual, make it easier to fall asleep and wake up. 2, Qualcommd announced that its subsidiary, Qualcomm Atheros to launch a Wi-Fi-based turnkey platform with intelligent lighting LIFX, in order to accelerate the development of networked lighting. 3, Osram (Osram) introduced new Soleriq L 38, it is the first in a series of its products LED filament products. The elongated filament LED ordinary incandescent filament shape is similar, but has an absolute advantage. 4, Toshiba announced that it would withdraw from CMOS image sensors and white LED market before the end of March 2016. 5. Recently, the industry supply chain companies said Philips OEM and ODM requirements of domestic and Taiwan LED bulb factory price decrease in 2016 was $ 0.8, LED circle this uproar. 6, Panasonic succeeded in developing a small-scale electricity storage systems, LED lighting can provide services to areas without electricity. The product is equipped with a LED light and a straight tube LED bulb, which provides high brightness, high-quality light.