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OLED Illuminated For 75% Expected Growth Rate In 2020 Will Reach $ 2.4 Billion--led Stadium Floodlight

Nov 11, 2016

 Recently, the California market research firm ElectroniCast Consultants published a report on the latest market forecast, stadium lights in-depth analysis of the organic light-emitting diode lighting applications (OLED) global consumption. backpfrontp According to the report data show that in 2015 global sales of OLED lighting will reach $ 150 million,led stadium light it is expected to grow 75% annual average growth rate of growth in 2020 will reach $ 2.4 billion. To 2023, OLED lighting output is expected to soar to the highest value \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; 67 billion. Subsequently, 2025 is expected to fall to $ 5.5 billion. backpfrontp ElectroniCast noted that, despite a decade after the end OLED sales will be down, but its sales are expected to continue to rise. However, as in recent years, like many other high power LED flood light Forecast Report, OLED average unit sales prices are expected to fall sharply, which eventually lead to an overall decrease. backp (OLED general lighting over the next decade will usher in a boom) backpfrontp In this study, the definition of analysts,1000W led flood light including general illumination lighting, used to provide the main lighting an area. Lighting category also includes professional lighting, such as orientation, supplement, architectural lighting, as well as for cars OLED panels. However,LED tunnel light for billboards, TVs, monitors and lights are not within the scope of the study. backpfrontp bulbs opportunity ElectroniCast chief analyst Stephen Montgomery commented: OLED lighting market will continue to grow across the bulb fields, the future will serve more applications, which is not even envisaged in the current stage. Insiders pointed out that the future can be applied LED bay light field including windows or skylights, walls and ceilings with lighting function mirrors, floors, stairs, and other virtually unlimited possibilities. backpfrontp Montgomery adds: OLED lighting environmental protection, no mercury, is the next generation lighting ideal material. Because of its thin, lightweight, low power consumption, can be used as a surface light source, LED arena light has a wide range of potential applications. backpfrontp OLED lighting display backpfrontp To show OSRAM LED high bay lighting new lighting effects, lighting design company Dula Dortmund, Germany, in its showrooms installed a showpiece. The lighting design concepts are derived from Dula. backp (Osram and interior design company Dula jointly develop OLED ceiling.)  Each luminaire consists of a set with OLED sandwich (9 acrylic plate) glass panel, two 120 x 120mm square Orbeos SDW-058 OLED panels. These lamps are mounted on the ceiling, the height can be adjusted individually, it is said to create impressive 3D effect. LED street lighting panels can be individually controlled, brightness free transform, giving a dynamic vision, soft lighting effect.