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Ocean King Lighting Gross Margin Of 71% In The Second Quarter Loss Of 35 Million Yuan Why Do They Still?

Oct 19, 2016

 [text / Engineering Zhao Hui] LED stadium light industry first, even exalted margin reached 71%, but the loss of special lighting company Ocean King in 2015 in the second quarter still exceeded 35 million yuan. This results in the industry to address him read.August 31 evening, the Ocean King (002724.SZ) disclosed the 2015 semi-annual report. Reported from January to June 2015, Ocean King high power led flood Light revenues of 343 million yuan, down 18.14%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in a loss of 15.5613 million yuan, down 143.49 percent. backpfrontp most strange is that Ocean King in the first quarter of 2015, yet it realized net profit 20.0075 million yuan, that is, only the second-quarter loss of ocean king over 35.56 million yuan. Ocean King in 2014 and full-year net profit was 35.78 million yuan, but also, marine king a loss last quarter earnings will be exhausted. Such alarming loss rate, can not help but be surprised. Earnings data, consolidated gross profit margin Ocean King lighting up 70.62%, in the 1000W led flood light industry can definitely topped the list. 2014 over the same period, consolidated gross profit margin Ocean King also maintained at 70.52% level. The same margin, even though revenue fell 18%, net profit 35.78 million yuan from the same period last year to the current loss of 15.56 million yuan, down fast but also people can not understand. backpfrontp Ocean King explained in the report, the company paid in the first half of 2015 Supply Chain Management, Quality Assurance Department and laboratory staff in three departments subsidy 25,641,700 yuan. data show that the first half of Ocean King Lighting sales costs up to 181 million yuan, while operating costs only 101 million yuan over the same period, nearly twice the cost of sales operating costs, which is almost production-oriented enterprises in general or the stadium floodlights industry can not .Such a situation is not accidental. backpfrontp earnings data show, Ocean King Lighting in 2012, 2013 and 2014, gross margins were as high as 71.11%, 71.84% and 71.83%; At the same time, the corresponding cost of sales were 456 million yuan, 447 million yuan and 4.33 billion, most people think is incredible as a production-oriented enterprises, the cost of sales of these three accounting periods actually much higher than the cost of principal operations over the same period. backpfrontp caused it all stems from Ocean King unique sales model. Engineering LED bay light was in November 2014 issue of the text elaborates Ocean King Lighting rely on high margins and high commissions throughout the country to maintain the business and 133 service centers, deformity sales of nearly 800 service personnel more than 2,000 sales between mode. Related articles, please click: http: //www.gg-led.com/asdisp2-65b095fb-55310-.html Ocean King is specialized in special ambient led tunnel light equipment research and development, production, sales and service enterprises, products widely used in electricity, metallurgy, railway, oil, petrochemical, public security, fire, coal, military, ports, stadiums, aviation, shipbuilding and machinery manufacturing industries. The company's main products include fixed lighting equipment, mobile and portable lighting equipment lighting equipment three series, a total special environment lighting equipment system more than 200 kinds of models.  As these companies fault reaction time demanding led arena lighting equipment and general remoteness, forcing the Ocean King Lighting in the country and construction service centers and services to meet the customer within 24 hours after demand (under special circumstances 72 hours) arrived at the scene to provide lighting services requirements, which also led to the Ocean King has been the high cost of sales dilemma. Although Ocean King has first-mover advantage in the special environment gym lighting, but by the macroeconomic impact of continued downward and special ambient lighting intensified competition in the industry, the marine life is becoming the king grieved.