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Jiawei Shares Expand LED Business Continued To Promote The Acquisition Of The Photovoltaic Field

Dec 17, 2018

     2018.11.18, Jiawei shares issued notice, to be issued shares to buy storage Photovoltaic source country held 100% stake in electricity, paid a total transaction price of 110,500.00 yuan, the issue price of 19.44 yuan / share; intends not over five investors issued shares and fund-raising not more than 80,000 yuan for the construction of photovoltaic power plants and supplement working capital. backpfrontp 1, the traditional main LED business development sales area, the adjustment of product structure, solid growth is expected backpfrontp company's traditional core business of LED stadium lights lawn, lighting and other LED products. In recent years, the company LED flood lights product revenue mainly from overseas, in 2014, the company acquired the product in Zhongshan City Lighting Co., Ltd. and the European L \u0026 amp; D company, while maintaining the advantages of traditional markets in North America, increased efforts to explore the European and domestic markets. The company is also actively optimizing the existing LED business adjustment, highlighting the advantages of business. On the one hand, the company strengthened to expand the North American market, and high power LED flood lighting LED lawn service business, and improve the European business channels and brand building lighting domestic product; on the other hand, the company is streamlining development lags behind the business of LED road engineering business, LED street lights display shrink adjustment business. backpfrontp expected as the company's management on the acquisition and integration company, with the company actively promote the advantages of business, the company's LED outdoor lights business will be steady growth. backpfrontp 2, completed the acquisition of Huayuan new energy sources, the proposed acquisition of the country source of power, and fund-raising construction of photovoltaic power plants, is expected to PV operators, EPC engineering company backpfrontp rapid growth since its inception in 1993, engaged in the photovoltaic business, mainly in the upper reaches of photovoltaic industry. In 2014, the company officially announced its entry into the photovoltaic power plant investment industry, through self-construction, acquisition, etc., photovoltaic rapid expansion in the photovoltaic field operations and EPC. backpfrontp 2015 In August the company completed the acquisition of 100% stake in the new energy Huayuan, valued 1.8 billion,1000W LED flood lights Huayuan new energy performance from the beginning of August this year, and tables. Huayuan New Energy's main business is photovoltaic power plants and photovoltaic power station operators EPC. The Company issued 83,212,735 shares issued to vibration energy, cash 200 million yuan to buy 75% stake in Huayuan new energy to Ho Xuan investment issued 32,561,505 shares to buy 25% stake in Huayuan new energy, new shares September 10, 2015 listing. Among them, the share-made energy acquired lock 36 months, Hao Xuan investment (Ding hole Yin, chairman of Control) acquired the shares locked for 12 months, the small hole Yin, chairman and acting commitments listed shares before the transaction held from the date of completion of the transaction is 12 months from the lock. backpfrontp Huayuan New Energy Commitment 2014 - 2017 net profit of not less than the non-deduction were 20,016.88 million, 25,890.64 million, 33,457.09 million, 36,614.42 million. led tennis court lights 2015 In November the company announced the proposed acquisition source storage Photovoltaic country held 100% stake in electricity prices 110,500.00 million, all paid by the issue of shares, the issue price of 19.44 yuan / share, a total of 56,841 issued, 563. Reserve Photovoltaic commitment, national source of power in 2016 - buckle 2018 net profit of not less than RMB non 7,895.41 million, 7,018.38 million and 8,139.48 ten thousand yuan, backpfrontp 2015 November the company intends to not over five other specific investors to issue shares to raise matching funds, raising total funds of not more than 80,000 yuan. Where 60,000 yuan for investment in new photovoltaic power plant project listed companies 200 million to supplement working capital. backpfrontp 2016 end of the first quarter, the company expects to reach installed capacity of 400MW; by the end of 2016, the company expects to reach installed capacity of 700MW; Huayuan new energy company acquisitions,OAK led gym lights rich EPC orders in hand and reserves, is expected to continue to promote EPC projects. We believe that PV operators, photovoltaic EPC will become an important growth point of the company's revenue, profits, revenue, profit growth. backpfrontp 3, and actively promote the development of graphene materials backpfrontp company actively promote the graphene powder Method graphene heat applied research performance, and Tsinghua University, Central South University, in cooperation roll-to-roll graphene film coating process and improve groundbreaking research project of the new structure of the solar cell stability. Graphene composite cathode additive company developed JIG-LIB campaign materials for lithium ion batteries is expected to benefit from large-scale development of new energy vehicles. backpfrontp company LED industry robust; completed the acquisition of Huayuan new energy sources, the proposed acquisition of the country source of power, and fund-raising construction of photovoltaic power plants, photovoltaic expects revenue and profit growth; actively promote the graphene materials research and development, expected to benefit from large-scale development of new energy vehicles. If we consider this acquisition, Huayuan new energy, national source of power 16--17 total profit of 413 million in commitments, 436 million, plus the two power plant business outside the company's traditional business, the company expects 2015--2017 company profits 1.58 million to about 450 million, about 570 million. backp