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OAKled High Power Led Flood Light,stadium Lights

Sep 19, 2016

Japan introduced policies to LED lighting to replace fluorescent lead some people dissatisfied

frontp Japan introduced policies or regulations in 2020 banning the production of high energy consumption of incandescent and fluorescent lamps.stadium lights And durable with low energy consumption, without frequent replacement of the advantages of light-emitting diode (LED) lighting is the rapid spread in Japan. However, this provision banning the production and import of fluorescent lamps also incurred some people oppose. backpfrontp LED lights to shake eye pain do not use the national policy to force us! backpfrontp ban the production of fluorescent lamps that the Japanese government to implement energy conservation policy is an important part. According to Japan, 'Asahi Shimbun' reported on November 26, held on the 26th in the Prime Minister's official residence on the government officials and the public dialogue has also explained the meaning and importance of this policy. 2020 will be a total ban on Japanese domestic production and imports of fluorescent lamps, this policy as an opportunity to promote energy-saving fluorescent lamps replaced with LED lights. backpfrontp 11 will be held at the end of Parties to the Convention of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21) in Paris, led stadium light,one of the meeting's goal was to reduce Japan's greenhouse gas emissions by concrete measures. 2016 will also modify the energy conservation law regulations, which prohibit incandescent and fluorescent lamps production and imports has become a trend. backpfrontp one hand, the Japanese lighting industry will speak, said details being verified, and this policy some confusion in this report. On the other hand, it was reported that the Japanese government's policy angered the professional wrestling fan, which is why even with backpfrontp kidding national policy to deprive us of the pleasure of what war would simply disappeared fluorescence \u0026 quot;?!!?!! Backpfrontp Japanese professional wrestling fans on the Internet burst into the case, to conceal anger. backpfrontp expressed more or less on the Japanese professional wrestling \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; fluorescence Wars (fluorescent lamps will wrap the rope on the sidelines of the game) concerns. high power led flood light,backpfrontp on the fluorescent fluorescent lamp is mainly used in the war actually become crushed scrap pieces can easily use. It said that many fans will gather this scrap to the game party. The high price of LED lights and durable, less scrap product, showing not feasible to replace fluorescent lamps with LED lights. Once the fluorescent lamp production is prohibited, fluorescence war this popular event will be in danger of disappearing. backpfrontp lighting equipment manufacturing giant is not only a retreat backpfrontp professional wrestling fans in Japan, the network is filled with all kinds of angry voices. See the fluorescent light emitting feel very at ease, so not do? Backpfrontp government is stupid it? Some people do not like the LED light, do not use the national policy to force! Backpfrontp promotion of terrestrial digital TV when I just think that this is nothing more than happy to do Those manufacturers. backpfrontp LED lights can not replace all of the lighting equipment ah. Like those who have money do not change LED candle is to use it,tennis court light, many Internet users speak Road. backpfrontp which there are people that really do not unreasonable. LED will shake eye pain, some people just do not like ah. Not just the role of fluorescent lighting, as well as fever. For example, to chicken Aberdeen warm, snow and street lights when used to prevent playing pumping well water pump motor frozen. How can it not fluorescent lights? Backpfrontp like fluorescent prohibit such fear will affect their daily life and work, there are many voices. backpfrontp According to statistics of the Japanese Ministry of Economy, fluorescent diminishing sales since 2010. 2014-year decrease of 9.0 percent in 2013, nearly 200 million. Meanwhile, the 2014 LED lamp (bulb type) sales increased 23% year on year in 2013, nearly 300 million. backpfrontp Japanese lighting equipment manufacturers have spotted direction, Toshiba and Hitachi Electric lighting has stopped the development of fluorescent product. Matsushita also said fluorescent lighting equipment office in May 2015 in Japan with the sale, etc. will also be shut down in March 2019, replace all LED lights. Lighting equipment is gradually transition to LED. backp