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Sep 21, 2016

Cool debut 2015AMTS Renishaw REVO \u0026 reg; whirlwind start another five-axis measurement system

frontp world leader in measurement and process control solutions provider Renishaw company,stadium lights will participate in 2015, held August 26 to 28 at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center 11th Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology \u0026 Materials Exhibition ( AMTS 2015). By then, the Renishaw REVO five-axis measurement will bring its system,led stadium light Equator \u0026 trade; compared to other products whirlwind start another measurement. The Renishaw backpfrontp exhibition booth area of 54 square meters, high power led flood light,the site will have all kinds of high-end industries (such as automotive, aerospace and other) components for demonstration measurements, thereby sharing with the audience always Renishaw's innovative technology and application, a final look to provide our clients with better service and support. backpfrontp welcome you visit Renishaw booth,led street lighting, booth E1-E31. backpfrontp REVO five-axis measurement system Renishaw backpbackpfrontp REVO is a new generation of dynamic measuring head and probe system. This revolutionary new product is designed not only coordinate measuring machine can play up to measure efficiency and maintain high system accuracy. backpfrontp REVO uses synchronized motion and Renscan5 \u0026 trade; RGB led flood light,measurement technology, can greatly reduce the dynamic effects of CMM measurement at ultra high speed. This is by letting REVO measuring head in the coordinate measuring machine to do the slow linear motion while doing demanding rapid movement to achieve.tennis court lights Flexible end induction technology further enhances system accuracy and flexibility. Removable probe system is equipped with a low-cost switching planes, improving system flexibility. backpfrontp Kawasaki is located in Maryville, Missouri, a small engine plant using Renishaw REVO five-axis measurement system not only improves the shape data acquisition speed and processing unit of the feedback speed, and reduce the use of CMM fixture, led road light,and the measured head calibration time from hours to minutes. Measure to improve efficiency and flexibility, the manufacturing and R \u0026 D significantly reduce the time to get feedback. backpfrontp Equator versatile instrument than backpbackpfrontp new Renishaw Equator gauging is versatile alternative to custom measurements. The system is a software-controlled instrument alignment, 1000W led flood light,its performance can be validated and improved in many industries and applications, is a new alternative to the traditional measurements. Alignment instrument highly reproducible and parallel measuring mechanism based on a unique mechanical positioning structure, known as a new measurement method in parallel kinematics for fast measurements.stadium lights backpfrontp on backpfrontp Renishaw Renishaw (Renishaw plc) is a world leader in the field of measurement and spectrum analysis instrument. We develop innovative products can significantly improve the customer's business performance \u0026 mdash; high power led flood light,from improving manufacturing efficiency and product quality, enhance research and development capabilities to dramatically improve the effectiveness of medical procedures. backpfrontp main products include CMM touch trigger probe, scanning probe CMM retrofit, compared to device, machine trigger probe and laser probe, linear encoders, rotary encoders, linear magnetic encoder, magnetic rotary encoder , magnetic chip encoders, Raman spectroscopy, tunnel light,laser calibration, dental scanners and neurosurgical mold robot. backpfrontp For more product information, please visit the Renishaw website: backpfrontp CMM probe \u0026 ndash; www.renishaw.com.cn/cmmbackpfrontp comparative gauge \u0026 ndash; www.renishaw.com.cn/gaugingbackp