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OAKLed High Power Led Flood Light,stadium Floodlight

Sep 20, 2016

Australia new ideas built-in LED lights bicycle lock strikes,HIGH power led flood light

frontp Australian designer designed a built-in LED lights bicycle lock Vivid Lock, stadium lights,it can improve rider safety. highlight the backpfrontp Vivid Lock in that its 60 LED lights, after the former white red, led stadium light,with nine kinds of patterns, flicker frequency and energy saving settings. LED tape light pattern consists of miniature waterproof controller. Micro-controller consists of two AA batteries, tennis court lights,the steady light mode can support more than 70 hours of use. backpfrontp As security aspect, Vivid Lock with a 4 digit password lock, two 6 mm fiber core wire rope, anti-anti-thief with bolt cutters. Vivid Lock from durable water resistant 1000D nylon, transparent tubes and LED strip is waterproof. The company plans to launch four colors. backp