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Sep 19, 2016

LED automotive lighting bulbs is not the only system design highlights the 'high force grid'

frontp not obsolete xenon headlights, LED headlights on the car has begun to spread. After the LED stadium light, laser lighting technology is being queued. The pursuit of people forced grid, xenon headlights have become obsolete, laser lighting can not buy, stadium floodlights,LED just fine. Measure the quality of automotive LED headlight bulb number is an important criterion, the greater the number, the better lighting, more significant level,high power led flood light. However, the number of bulbs is not the only, or on the other tall standard. backpfrontp entire vehicle had to use LED: Many car claimed to have LED, led street lighting,but is only installed on daytime driving, the front and rear taillights are still common xenon headlamps. There are car headlights claimed by the LED, but in fact only the taillights spend. Even some car headlights before claiming to spend LED, but in fact it is almost light with LED, high beam not yet. To enhance the grade, should the whole car is LED, not cycling, but also includes ambient lighting. backpfrontp with servo steering: with dynamic steering system can adjust the headlight beam angle and intensity depending on the driving environment,tennis court lights can improve the safety of driving at night. Servo steering is key mature technology, but the cost is not low. LED light has not enough, we have to add servo steering function. backpfrontp dimming: dimming is not fresh technology, the system can capture information from the front of the vehicle. When have come to the car, the system automatically reduces household illumination and irradiation angle of headlights to avoid dazzling light impact on the other side of the vehicle, while maintaining the strength of other angles of illumination. Anti-glare LED headlamps quite mature, it has appeared in the luxury car and B-class car parts. backpfrontp Matrix: matrix by a plurality of light sources, each light source can be individually activated, closer to the sun lighting, efficient lighting mode switching, and offer a variety of lighting modes, including high-speed, ordinary roads, country Wait. backpfrontp adaptive system: The system can be aware of their surroundings, depending on driving traffic, select the appropriate light mode. The new adaptive lighting system can not only take care of the car has always been, but also take care of pedestrians walking in the street and bicycles can switch the lighting angle to avoid dazzling lights impact on passers-by and bicycles. backp