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OAKLed High Power Led Flood Light

Sep 26, 2016

In 2015 the price war in the major brands clamor,stadium-lights NVC but seemed more low-key, no active participation price war. Prices NVC products is also a corresponding reduction, but the magnitude of price reduction compared to the industry, is still low. backpfrontp Comments: NVC relatively stable sales channels,led-stadium-light so the price war, they do not want to participate, put too much downward pressure on product prices. Relatively speaking, they are more willing to hold together in this way to win the cooperation and development between enterprises. But in the face of peer to provoke a price war,stadium-floodlights it will probably pear Alexander. backpfrontp Eight, Osram backpfrontp T8 replacement tube is lighting, lighting business class status in light of the important. Before and after this year's February, adhere to high-priced brands Osram also lowered the price to 20 yuan or less.high-power-led-flood-light OSRAM LED T8 tube has gone from 90 yuan to 50 yuan and then triple 20 yuan less, lowered stance is more close to the people. backpfrontp Comments: Osram has been progress while maintaining stability, price wars are more cautious.1000W-LED-flood-light LED brand action came this year, many large, since the OSRAM product positioning in high-end, brand new LED product prices on the impact of Osram relatively large, while the downstream businesses generally reflect the price is high. Currently, OSRAM products circulating in the market is the largest bulb,tennis-court-light PAR lamps and other lighting products, and expensive, the future battlefield may go online from the store. backpfrontp Nine, Kingsun backpfrontp Recently, Kingsun through the official micro-channel and print media industry professionals released a promotional message,led-tunnel-light up to 40% off the slogan quite suction eye. The markdowns to circulate products mainly to adjust the sales price this month on the ground and Jay Thorens of 15 series 114 models of products, the highest price rises of about 40%. Which is the highest preferential series of bright bulb and ceiling, the amplitude of up to 40%, are the lowest on the ground Jie Thorens product launch since.led-road-light At the same time, this promotion program joined the ground on the main brand product promotion channels, such as Ming-kai series Downlight, Ming Hao Series bulb, bright with series lamps and other products. Optical ground before distributing the agents on the price comparison table, the adjusted price was indeed the lowest in the history of the ground. backpfrontp Comments: choose a relatively selling product category marketing plan to join the ground. It seems to be on the ground at the cost,gym-lights in response to competition and boost sales. backpfrontp ten, privileged official backpfrontp June around, privileged official also issued a notice by the selling price of the single market, 16W T8 glass tube of Wei price of 9.9 yuan, the market also appeared 6,7 yuan T8 tube. backpfrontp Comments: LED T8 lamp market waged, the war spread to LED lighting in this piece of the Red Sea, making the already low-margin LED lighting industry exerted pressure. backpfrontp XI Huaqiang state backpfrontp June 4,led-bay-light according to the news industry lighting sources in the micro letter issued Huaqiang state LEDT8 lamp Chu Huojia intends to 6.8 yuan. backpfrontp Comments: This is the second Foshan Lighting, wood Linsen, Op and other brands to join tube price war, is another strong corporate join, thus, the lamp continues to show again the price limit, 6.8 yuan lamp can be profitable in the end, may not conceivable. backpfrontp blind price war either for development or the development of their own industries are extremely unfavorable economic environment under the premise of recession, led-arena-light we should look at the status quo rational development of the industry. Enterprise only keep pace with the times, to change the traditional concept of self-management, and accurate analysis of the industry situation, good planning, ongoing research and innovation, tap the potential market demand, find their own niche products, compression product line, to the subdivision market breakout win market.