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Under The Package The Red Sea SMEs Take?

Aug 21, 2017

 Despite the overall market is not very good, but can not stop the expansion of domestic LED stadium lights packaging manufacturers pace. backpfrontp country star power (002449.SZ) last month announced the company's two pen device purchase order, want to overweight packaging business. Announcements, the company and the first field of microelectronics and ASM signed the purchase contract of equipment, the purchase of high-speed wire bonder and die placement machine. LED stdium lighting country star power, deputy general manager Li Cheng said that although the market is slightly weak, but is expected in the fourth quarter to the market as a whole to be better next year. At this point in time to introduce related equipment will help to further expand the production scale and improve the overall market competitiveness of the company. backpfrontp Coincidentally, Hongli Opto-electronic bulletin also last month, raising 700 million yuan of funds to expand SMD High power led flood lights and other construction projects. In addition, the company invested 1 billion in the construction of LED industry base in Nanchang, Jiangxi, and vigorously promote the COB, there are four automatic production lines, this year will be expanded to eight. backpfrontp In fact, the whole of this year 1000W LED flood lights packaging factory have not fared well, the price decline is also quite serious. LED production and research backpfrontp Engineering Institute (GGII) research to understand the first half of 2015, China LED package device prices of most products fell by more than 50%, LED packaging manufacturers international product prices also fell more than 20%. GGII believes that China LED tennis court lights packaging industry has entered the phase-out of competition, mergers and acquisitions wave closures continue to arrive. backpfrontp trend in the market environment is weak background, packaging manufacturers have geometric expansion intended? Zhang Lu Hua backpfrontp Ismail was director of marketing, said the expansion seems to be packaging plant this year are doing one thing, the company is no exception, expansion It means that large-scale production, large and stable, with suppliers will have sufficient bargaining power, but also reduced the manufacturing costs and management costs. backpfrontp So the question is, after the giant expansion, small packaging factory way out? backpfrontp LED high bay lights packaging companies exist in a small common is chaos, namely the presence of disorder, homogenization of competition, the market is not standardized and so, after years of development, industrial echelon has been basically formed, industry rational development period has come out of the market is accelerating. backpfrontp as one package on behalf of medium-sized enterprises grid days photoelectric, also felt such changes. backpfrontp grid days photoelectric director Zheng Xiantao believe that low cost has been an important demand of end customers, packaging companies through collaboration and supply chain enterprises, to provide optimized, low-cost high-quality programs, perhaps the SMEs will choose the road. backpfrontp Zhengxian Tao said the company recently with the radiator business Rui Desang cooperation, integration advantages of both sides, the introduction of integrated packaging products, coming packaged devices connected directly to the heat sink, through the LED gym lights wafer directly encapsulated phase change heat sink for heat surface shorten the cooling path, reduce the thermal resistance. Eliminating the need for drilling Links and labor costs, in addition to product smaller and lighter. backpfrontp this product we will be positioned at the terminal engineering, eliminating the need for them to assemble a lot of links, the cost is lower. Zheng Xiantao representation. backpfrontp addition, Jing Rui optoelectronic research and development vice president Zhang Zhicong told Engineering LED, lighting manufacturers reacted company through research, its very straightforward requirement is valued price, and therefore the LED high bay lights package device price will decline next year. backpfrontp and packaging companies for the future development of a way out, Zhang also admitted that the future will not rule out the possibility of cooperation with the supply chain companies, to protect market share, we must give top priority to enhance product value, optimize product program in cooperation with the supply chain companies, It may well be a good choice. backp