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LED Lighting The Friends Billion Into R \u0026 D For A New Three Board Listed

Aug 01, 2017

 Shenzhen City Friends billion into Smart Lighting Co., Ltd. has officially apply for three new board listed, October 30 material has been publicly disclosed its listing in the stock transfer company's official website. Announcements,LED stadium lights the Friends billion into the actual control of Shiyan, pinnacle, rock Ping together hold 81.7% stake in the company, three were siblings, brothers. Meanwhile, Shiyan served as chairman and managing director of Friends of million, accounting for 52.83% of total equity. backpfrontp According to statistics, the year 2013, year 2014, from January to June 2015, the Friends billion into operating income of 17.5864 million yuan, respectively, 34,276,600 yuan, LED stadium lighting 18,370,200 yuan, respectively, to achieve net profit -105.38 million, 2.1525 million yuan, 1.5356 million yuan. backpfrontp announcement shows that from 2013 to 2015, the Friends billion into taxable corporate income tax the reduced rate of 15%. Friends million into 2016 if not passed the high-tech enterprise qualification review, can not continue to enjoy preferential corporate income tax, there is risk, when applicable corporate income tax rate will rise to 25%, will the Friends billion into profitability, cash flow have an impact. high power led flood light In addition, the Friends billion into the 2013 year 2014 year 2015 January-June were achieved overseas income 14,227,000 yuan, 25,658,200 yuan and 11.8054 million yuan, accounting for 80.9% of operating revenue over the same period, 74.86% and 64.26%, to Friends billion into profitability greater impact. Friends million due to overseas sales in US dollars, higher proportion, so the fluctuations of the RMB exchange rate will lead to the risk of the occurrence of the Friends billion into foreign exchange losses increase,1000W LED flood light thus affecting the Friends billion into profitability. Meanwhile, if the international trade situation has changed, also will have a greater impact on the Friends billion in revenue and operating profit. backpfrontp information, the Friends billion into the (Friends of Shenzhen City billion into Intelligent Lighting Co., Ltd.) was established in February 11, 2010, mainly engaged in outdoor LED lighting design, development, manufacturing, sales, the main products are LED lamps for light, LED mining lamp, LED tennis court lights projection lights, LED lights, LED wall lights and LED high bay lights. Friends billion into main purpose lighting products, mainly used in explosion-proof lighting, outdoor lighting and city lighting three areas. backpfrontp Friends of the one hundred million times the cost listed on the application to host the brokerage Securities Co., Ltd., Guangdong Cheng public counsel law firms, financial audit Lixin Certified Public Accountants (special general partnership), asset evaluation agencies Kaiyuan Assets Appraisal Limited. backp