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Harmony Technology Acquisition Qingdao-born Out Of The White Sea After

Jul 31, 2017

 Harmony Technology acquisition Qingdao Jensen electrical pictures disinfection seems really to go into the real life. backpfrontp Harmony Technology Chairman Liang Xudong said, Harmony Technology is working with several well-known domestic mobile phone manufacturers contacted jointly develop mobile phones sterilization function, key technology lies in the deep UV LED chip.Liang very proud: do only three such deep UV LED stadium lights chip companies around the world, there were only our family. backpfrontp acquisition of Qingdao Jensen Get exclusive technology backpfrontp October 16 announcement that the harmony of science and technology, respectively, in cash and stock swap acquisition Guohua, Shanghai Jiu Bu and other nine shareholders Qingdao Jensen Electric Total 85.61% stake. Liang Xudong mentioned DUV LED stadium lighting chip is the harmony of science and technology after the acquisition of Qingdao Jensen Electrical exclusive technology. backpfrontp Jason Guohua Electric general manager, said: other LED manufacturers a wafer average selling price is now about 260 dollars, there are cheaper, one of our highest epitaxial wafer can be sold for 100,000 dollars. Just because other people made out. The maximum function in life is to deep ultraviolet disinfection. Like E. coli cause diarrhea, deep ultraviolet irradiation 0.25 seconds can be killed. Like most difficult to kill infectious hepatitis virus also just 0.31 seconds. backpfrontp Liang Xudong saw exactly this. He said that when talking about the acquisition of its financial statements is not overly concerned, but to Jason took random electrical production line if two microarray really antivirus. Come back and tell me indeed. I say on it. The main application of external LED tennis court lights purple in four areas: air, such as air purification, air conditioning bactericidal function; food, such as food preservation refrigerator; water, including drinking water bottled water, wild rivers and lakes in natural water after disinfection; and medical care.Liang cited an example, in the past, but there are no products in the field of potential market demand, such as installing a few deep UV high power LED flood lights on the phone you can always antivirus. backpfrontp more attractive direction in the health care system, introduced Zhang Guohua, an American company has developed a treatment for psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema, light therapy device, a sixty thousand US dollars, it has been approved by FDA. He said: We also have a corresponding product in production, such as electronic band-aid, according to a photo to disinfect the wound healing fast. This therapy clean, quick, no side effects. 2014 domestic dermatological drug market scale of nearly 20 billion yuan, anti-fungal, anti-itch accounted for more than 55%, of which 10% if using deep ultraviolet treatment, then only this one there are 10 billion yuan revenue. backpfrontp puzzling is that, like Jason have such unique offerings unique skills of electrical why firms are willing to sell the shares? 1000W LED flood lights Guohua think the merger could accelerate market development. He said: Jensen from the venture so far, has been too much focus on technology. We hope that through this cooperation, so Jason development speed. October 16 acquisition announcement also reveals where clues. Audit report revealed that as of the end of June 2015 Qingdao Jensen has over 8400 million total assets, liabilities, reached more than 6100 million and Qingdao Jason apparently hoping financing platform Harmony Technology Fast bigger. The industry speculated that harmony is likely infuse cash flow after the completion of the acquisition by the constant increase in other financing method is Jason, Liang Xudong had said the next step will be the development of large-capacity production equipment. backpfrontp Zhang Guohua, said after the related products developed only on the sterilization certification done dozens of times,LED tennis court lights in Korea LG company, Applied Materials, Inc., Japan U.VIX companies have been tested, was the only test the ability of the domestic electronic measuring distance an LED charge 6,000 yuan. backp