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October Eight Event LED Lighting Companies Who Tell You Who Is Crying Laughing

Jul 26, 2017

 [text / Engineering LED Huang Yaping] In October is the harvest season, harvest gold, red harvest, the harvest hope \u0026 hellip; \u0026 hellip; Recalling LED lighting companies in the last October, it seems not all fruits. LED lighting companies have thrown money at big investment expansion, a new round of layout looking for new markets. But there is also frustration with LED stadium lighting companies withdrew LED market, into the end of the way. backpfrontp 1, Toshiba announced its withdrawal from the white LED market backpfrontp October 28, Toshiba announced that it will carry out structural reform measures for the system integration chip (System LSI) business and discrete components (discrete) business, the specific content of the Toshiba will withdraw CMOS image sensor device and a white LED stadium lights market. backpfrontp Toshiba said it would exit the CMOS image sensor market, and plans to support 12-inch silicon wafers Oita factory production line related facilities, equipment and other related assets sold to Sony, we plan to complete the sale of the above-mentioned procedures before the end of March 2016 . backpfrontp In addition, Toshiba white high power LED flood lights affiliated with discrete components business, and Toshiba plans to end the year 2015 (the end of March 2016) to exit the white LED market, we will focus resources on after the power supply control chip, optical components and other products with growth potential. backpfrontp 2, Harmony Technology Acquisition Jensen electrical layout DUV LEDbackpfrontp deep mid-October, Harmony Technology's announcement that the company intends to use non-public offering of shares and cash paid to acquire the Qingdao-Health Electric Co., Ltd. 85.61% stake. Through the acquisition, Harmony technology will further improve in the field of deep ultraviolet strategic layout, and then expand the health territory. backpfrontp As the market for the product sterilization purification lights required strengthening, deep UV 1000W LED flood light disinfection with other products can not match advantage, will gradually into the civilian, medical, military and other industries. backpfrontp According to statistics, the acquisition of the subject involved Qingdao Jensen DUV LED field of study has reached more than ten years old, with domestic unique GaN-MOVCD (DUV growth equipment) manufacturing technology and DUV epitaxial silicon production technology, Its products are various technical indicators have reached the international advanced level. backpfrontp Through this acquisition, Harmony Technology will officially enter the big health industry will become the new board of the few healthy Chinese stocks. backpfrontp Some analysts have pointed out that the strategic significance of this acquisition Harmony Technology, Qingdao Jason in the long term, the company's future will actively expand the field of deep ultraviolet chip, chip DUV major health and medical fields combined, very broad application prospects. backpfrontp 3, Op hand the Dutch company or to subvert the US and European 1000W LED flood light market backpfrontp 2015 年 10 28, China lighting leading brand \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; Op lighting with headquarters in Amsterdam Seaborough company signed a technical cooperation agreement to jointly will be the world's first general-purpose oneTLED LED lamp technology incorporated into the development and manufacture LED lamp. The technical cooperation or existing US and European LED market will have a huge impact, and even subvert the LED tennis court lights market in Europe and America. backpfrontp Netherlands is the cradle of the world's lighting industry, foster a number of lighting giant, this cooperation under the witness of the Dutch royal family, Op Dutch company signed a breakthrough technology cooperation agreement, the Chinese lighting industry, is undoubtedly a huge milestone, Op lighting is also expected to take this opportunity to further promote the strategic expansion of globalization. International cooperation backpfrontp this, with the help of high-tech or will achieve Op international brand fast break, which is undoubtedly the construction of the company's international strategy important turning point and inflection point. backpfrontp 4, Hongyan Electric invested 50 million yuan and reached for the photovoltaic machine Substitution cooperation backpfrontp October 28, Hongyan Electric and Hangzhou for Optoelectronic reached a strategic cooperation in machine substitutions. Under the agreement, the company developed a machine Substitution Hongyan overall planning, program by three years, the investment is not less than 50 million yuan, production lines, automation, intelligent transformation and the construction of new intelligent factory assembly line. The Hongyan Electric will implement machine Substitution project will be fully commissioned in the photoelectric. Wang Hongyan Electric meters into backpfrontp president, Hongyan Electric \u0026 lsquo; machine Substitution \u0026 rsquo; strategy is being Forced out. backpfrontp It is understood that in order to electrical products started Hongyan Electric was established in 1981, the company's electrical products market share has been stable industry forefront. In 2010, the company began to enter the LED high bay lighting industry, and in the company's two industrial park invested 8 production lines. backpfrontp However, with the rapid development Hongyan lighting industry, the company needed to further expand production capacity, such as this year 1--9 months, Hongyan lighting revenue grew 80%, the rapid increase in orders, \u0026 lsquo; \u0026 rsquo ;, recruitment difficulties another job as labor costs a big resistance to the company's development. backpfrontp Today, the geese have begun distribution of smart home field, and according to Wang meters into the idea, geese not only to the production of intelligent products and solutions, but also to achieve intelligent production process, in order to respond to external challenges and seize the competitive high ground. backpfrontp 5, GE set up a new energy company lighting business or the release backpfrontp October 7, General Electric (GE) announced the formation of a new company, and the new company named Current. backpfrontp It is understood, Current company set up in this business will be merged LED commercial and industrial customers are responsible for the business, and GE Lighting LED bulb will continue to sell to the general consumer. GE recently backpfrontp while continuing to sell non-core business, many industry insiders estimate lighting business will sooner or later be sold. Signal backpfrontp the event delivery is currently served by GE Lighting President and CEO will be in charge of MaryroseSylvester Current, and also admitted in 2015 expansion will not include LED gym lights market, which may also be part of the mark GE's lighting coming into the end of the way. GGII senior analyst Lee germinal mentioned. backpfrontp 6, the United States on national security grounds against Chinese backpfrontp 2015 acquisition of Philips in October said it would Lumileds Philips Lighting division with $ 3.3 billion sale to a consortium of Chinese-funded plan may be blocked, because the US authorities against national security grounds the transaction. backpfrontp Lumileds is the world's leading lighting manufacturers, Philips announced in March this year, 80% interest in the sector sold Go Scale Capital, which is the Fund consists of GSR Ventures and Oak Investment Partners coalition. backpfrontp Lumileds sales and profit comes from its automotive lighting business, but the company also developed the San Jose light-emitting diode (LED), and has a lighting patent portfolio. backpfrontp Philips CEO Frans van Houten said it would strive to quell the fears of the Commission, and remain confident that the successful completion of the transaction is final. backpfrontp 7, Epistar join hands to set up factories in India Linsen resisted billion light turn love Sanan backpfrontp 2015 year in October during the National Day newspaper reported that an offshore Epistar (2448.TW) intentionally joint Linsen (002745.SZ) up factories in India . backpfrontp reported that after Everlight announced the adoption of the mainland LED die, die leading Taiwan-based LED crystal power plant to be outdone, the mainland leading factory packaging Linsen joint venture set up factories in India to advance to the huge inroads into India's policy-driven LED lighting business, by Epistar appoint cadres Sen served as general manager of the Indian subsidiary. backpfrontp Seen in this light, tear strait LED chips, packaging factory imminent war between the force. backpfrontp Linsen secretaries Laiai Mei told the 'Engineering LED', Sen has set up a subsidiary in India is responsible for local sales, factory, then had no plan. But with the market development in India to set up a local factory it is not possible. backpfrontp 8, Epistar accelerate LED automotive lighting layout stake Dominantbackpfrontp 月初 10, LED faucet crystal power plant (2448, TW) announced its intention to acquire LED packaging factory in Malaysia Dominant Opto Technologies common stock of 1,100 shares, the total amount of approximately 6,485 ten thousand ringgit ( equivalent to NT $ 512 million yuan), and signed an investment agreement. backpfrontp It is understood, Dominant in LED automotive lighting market is an important supplier Epistar can take roots in automotive lighting. The current production base in Malaysia and Laos, as sales offices covering the USA, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Shanghai and other places, the nearest service automotive customers. backpfrontp Epistar said that this investment is the concept of a virtual cooperation, mainly to strengthen cooperation on Strategies to promote closer bilateral relations of cooperation, accelerate new product into the market. The amount of investment is not, Epistar Dominant companies are not involved in the operation, purely strategic investment. backpfrontp Epistar new round of layout, it is for the current LED backlighting and general lighting market to find a new niche market. backp