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Philips Announced The Sale Of OLED Business! What Geometric Growth In This Area?

Jul 25, 2017

Engineering LED Zhuangao】 【frontp [text / Engineering LED Xuchao Peng] In the past year, OLED market seems to be engaged in a major reshuffle of \u0026 hellip; \u0026 hellip; backpfrontp Following earlier LED stadium lights Sony announced its withdrawal from the market last year, In May, Panasonic also announced its withdrawal from OLED panel market, becoming the second exit this area Japanese electronics giant, and into 15 years, is about to pass the US OLED Works acquisition of Philips OLED business news, a time has also been talk of the town. backpfrontp comes just this month, the acquisition of Philips OLED business news has finally been confirmed, OLED Works announced the acquisition of Philips Lighting part LED stadium lighting source device business, the two sides reach an agreement. backpbackpfrontp to follow Philips strategic focus, we have decided to sell OLED device business to a professional partner, so that we can concentrate resources to develop innovative services and intelligent lighting systems and services. Philips Lighting CEO Eric Rondolat expressed Road. backpfrontp It is understood, high power LED flood light Works was founded in 2010, is headquartered in Rochester, New York City, is an OLED light engine and panel manufacturers. After the completion of the acquisition, the next few months, Philips will set up a new company and transfer its OLED business core parts, including in Aachen, Germany production equipment and related intellectual property, and all the equity of the new company will be sold to 1000W LED flood light Works . backpfrontp and, after the establishment of the new company, OLED Works Philips brand will also receive a license to the Philips brand to sell its OLED light source device products. Behind backpfrontp backpfrontp after the sale, in response to that event Inquirer reporter during a number of industry, everyone wants to show that this was not an accident, (perhaps, this message has been spread on the timing for too long), but the reason most from Philips have always wanted to overcome rigid glass-to-glass manufacturing, consideration of flexibility has become less critical, so it drastic cut this business. backpfrontp Philips has always wanted to get the high-brightness LED tennis court lights panel, but it has been a weak point LED high bay lights compared to the LED. GGII senior analyst Li Sheng Road. backpbackpfrontp Meanwhile, in the past year, although OLED has an extraordinary performance, but the gap is still large compared to the LED performance, efficiency (lm / W), cost ($ / KLM) and life expectancy are far behind. Crystal Electronics president and special assistant to Song Dong mentioned. backpfrontp It is understood that the current OLED a major challenge facing businesses is the difference, the ultimate goal is to realize a large area and flexible and pliable, but now with the challenges of new technologies such as flexible packaging technology, the development of this area also does seem underpowered. backpfrontp for example, are mostly concentrated in the rigid plate before Matsushita, deficits in the business for many years, decided to reduce losses, last stop OLED manufacturing operations, and cancel jointly developed with Sony OLED TV, which shows that Panasonic has abandoned ambitions LED gym lights manufacturing Although just a few years ago it was the championship record holder in this area. An industry source noted. backpfrontp industry still sunny backpfrontp Just after Sony, Panasonic, Philips OLED business have been sold, this area would successors do NO, a lot of people \u0026 hellip;? \u0026 hellip; backpfrontp according to South Korea's news, current Samsung and LG are increasing OLED display production to cope LCD business income to reduce the problem, but the Samsung official also announced that OLED technology is expected to become the year 2016 will grow only business and for their development of a detailed plan. backpfrontp In fact, if you have been concerned about the Samsung company, then you can find that Samsung has been trying to turn OLED. backpfrontp this year, Samsung announced the mass production of small-size OLED screen smart TV, to supply flexible OLED display Apple Apple Watch, according to the Samsung official data, this year OLED business profits will rise 36% to $ 11.8 billion, although with one hundred billion US dollars compared to LCD displays, OLED few profitable business, but companies such as Samsung, the layout of the future was the most critical. backpbackpfrontp However, after Samsung OLED transition to production of traditional LCD displays will decline, prices will probably increase. In addition, although a lot of the advantages of OLED display, but it still faces the problem of insufficient yield. Samsung OLED display monthly capacity of 39,000, the first quarter of 2016 will reach 63,000, but still can not meet the current demand for smart phones, tablet, TV. backpfrontp The addition of Samsung, LG Chemical and Konica Minolta has also become a loyal supporter of this field, since the beginning of this year have indicated that it would invest $ 180 million and $ 100 million to set up production lines, Konica Minolta is expected to finally achieve one million panels per month production capacity, LG Chemical is expected early in 2017 will be on the line Gen-5 plant, and now LG Chem also actively reduced its price, it was $ 200 per thousand lumens. backpfrontp this year has been basically achieved our OLED road suitability, next year will provide preliminary design of special equipment, the latest in 2016, we expect to see a number of OLED products using the new car. OSRAM OLED Ulrich, head of an OLED Eisele proposed new possibilities. backp