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[Annual] LED Power Supply Enterprise To Reposition Itself In Flames Shazhao 'Zhenjun Heart'

Jul 25, 2017

 LED stadium lights on the overall market this year, the companies bring the most intuitive feeling Nanzhuan more than money, business survival increasingly serious situation. backpfrontp Engineering LED chairman Dr. Zhang Xiaofei Zeng thesis: in 2018 the remaining 2-5 after the LED industry scale enterprises, non-listed companies 3-5 sub-industry leaders in business, including ten billion yuan business scale enterprises, the chip field , small package business and turnover in the thousands below the level of the enterprise, basically will be eliminated. backpfrontp the next three years, LED stadium lighting industry can be said to decide the fate of the upcoming time, LED companies how to expand its space, seize the last chance, has become a common problem faced by the industry. backpfrontp to the high power LED flood lights driver power supply, for example, with the continuous development of the industry, the driving power of the increasingly high quality requirements, the cost accounting for the proportion of lighting costs also increased year by year, but the lack of standardization, the scale of production restrictions and other issues has not been resolved . backpfrontp so-called third-rate companies to sell products, second-rate companies to sell technology, first-class companies sell standard. Needless to say, any standardized products is mature manufacturing industry an inevitable trend. backpfrontp Although standardization in the 1000w LED flood lights industry for a long time, but had to stay in business only for the standardization of talking, he has not carried out, to this year, the industry was again referred to the standardization requirements. Ding Hua backpfrontp MOSO LED business group general manager, said standardized products is an important guarantee for the stability of the power supply, only in the supply chain and product standardization of premise can only really solve the problem of cost and application side. backpfrontp Ding Hua believes that the future supply capacity will be key to winning the market LED high bay lights power supply manufacturers, once the scale of popularity, LED power supply manufacturers in the market initiative will become stronger, market share and product competitiveness will be extremely big upgrade. backpfrontp In addition to standardized voice getting high, LED drive power for intelligent investment is also alive. backpfrontp waves Liu Wei, general manager of Hang faction opinion, intelligent LED drive power will dominate the future development trend, he believes, LED tennis court lights intelligent lighting of the drive power raised three requirements: to ensure energy savings, extended lamp life, easy management and maintenance. backpfrontp urban public lighting retrofit more intelligent lighting projects using EMC, PPP mode, huge investment required power quality, reduce the number of resets. Liu waves that we introduced the constant power drive power to make smarter urban lighting integrated operational systems possible. backpfrontp order to facilitate unified management, Liu waves noted that when large-scale intelligent lighting systems, in order to provide a more convenient power input, can take centralized power supply scheme for power distribution reasonable, unified power management and dimming lighting systems control . backpfrontp However, the future of driving power field, a good grasp of these two trends is clearly not enough, especially in the market oversupply, the price people are concerned about how to solve the problem? How to master the right to speak in pricing, but also worth pondering. Sales Director Igor backpfrontp lighting industry center Zhao Nannan said, to take the initiative in different market supply and demand environment, to make high quality products from the source to control pricing. backpfrontp Igor cost-effective products currently on line quality control is still a continuation of sophisticated production lines, not low-quality low-cost, the price is just based on a full range of considerations, to be addressed under the premise of reasonable compression costs. Zhao Nannan said. backpfrontp In addition, control pricing accentuated the urgency and necessity of business transformation and upgrading. backpfrontp industry believes, LED gym lights companies have reached a critical node to upgrade, we must accelerate the drive from the low-end model to innovation, quality win, the business model of high-end services continues to jump. backpfrontp roughly summarized above and power is not enough to drive the future market, said Dao Ming, December 11 \u0026 mdash; 12 May, will jointly Engineering Engineering LED Industry Research Institute effort to build the 2015 LED Engineering Annual Conference, more than 500 LED industry well-known business leaders will attend the meeting with you to jointly LED lighting plan, share industry event. backpfrontp LED drive power to explore and search new blue ocean, how can you absent? backp