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'Blue LED' Obsolete? 'Violet LED' Era Has Quietly Come

Jul 21, 2017

 Earlier, the blue LED stadium lights father \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; Shuji Nakamura GaN off when attending the seminar expressed the energy revolution, using blue LED white LED technology will disappear sooner or later . Which triggered a lively discussion of the industry. backpfrontp Some analysts have pointed out that the original invention of the blue LED and get the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2014 Shuji Nakamura, now overthrew their research, perhaps out of his own company founded Soraa main push purple LED stadium lighting publicity. (As far as I was informed that the company is a professor in the United States Soraa village along with three professors UCSB as a co-founder (co-founder) established LED venture) backpfrontp but there are some people in the industry expressed support for Shuji Nakamura, as a Nobel Prize scientists should be with high ethical standards and professional conduct, because he saw great prospects purple high power LED flood lights , will put such a purple LED research-based companies. Hongli Opto-electronic product director Wang Gaoyang mentioned. backpfrontp anyway, has long been famous as a scientist, we also believe that he made the judgment should be based on his understanding and starting point for its blue LED's perspective look bad, as long as there is a theoretical support, naturally, has rationality. But \u0026 lsquo; blue LED \u0026 rsquo; no, violet LED and what is what Father backp blue 1000W LED flood lights of \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; Shuji Nakamura backpfrontp According to statistics, the advantages of purple LED mainly due to:? High CRI and high luminous efficiency two characteristic. backpfrontp where high color rendering index mainly reflected in such a way to get a purple LED white LED through the purple LED excites the phosphor to obtain blue light, and the peak intensity of the blue light is not too high, and purple LED can output the visible wavelength range all the light within, and therefore relatively high color rendering index, can achieve the same ideals as the white sunlight. It is understood that such a purple LED red rendering index R9 particularly high color rendering index Ra as high as 95. backpfrontp and purple Another feature of LED \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; high luminous efficiency is reflected in the following four points: backpfrontp 1), purple LED using GaN substrate manufacturing, is on the GaN substrate laminated GaN-based semiconductor production purple LED chip, below GaN on GaN type LED tennis court lights, the crystal quality of the GaN-based semiconductor layer is relatively high, so that high-violet LED high bay lights luminous efficiency, speed and efficiency; backpfrontp 2), purple LED chips triangular shape common LED chip is square, with Compared triangular LED chip light emitted from the light-emitting layer onto the outside of the chip efficiency (light extraction efficiency) higher; backpfrontp 3), an ordinary blue LED chip is produced on a sapphire substrate, GaN-based semiconductor and the sapphire different lattice constants, and therefore prone to crystalline defects known as dislocations, and the use of the GaN substrate is almost no difference in lattice constant exists, it is difficult to crystallization defects, compared with a sapphire substrate product, the dislocation density can be to about 1/1000; backpfrontp 4), luminous efficiency is not easy to drop (droop) problems violet LED chip. Luminous efficiency is decreased in order to improve the emission intensity increased drive current density, luminous efficiency is decreased due to the phenomenon, but also to improve the brightness of the presence of a major issue, and the higher the crystalline quality GaN on GaN-based products, and the sapphire substrate products compared to the decline in luminous efficiency is not easy to happen. In general, products compared with the sapphire substrate, GaN substrate products current density can be increased to 5 to 10 times. backpfrontp purple white light conversion efficiency higher, balanced spectral distribution, color rendering index is relatively good, for energy conservation, improve the light quality is important. Although the current high prices by the impact, but also not popular, but the advantage is obvious. Wang Gaoyang prospects for holding violet LED gym lights with a positive attitude. backp Hongli Opto-electronic launched DUV LED static water can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and Wang Gaoyang backpfrontp where Hongli Opto-electronic, violet LED product line for development work are also in full swing. Hongli Opto-electronic as domestic production can DUV LED packaging enterprise, not only has a deep UV LED large-scale production line, and also set up its own professional laboratory microbiological testing, and for the deep UV LED applications to provide customers with the best applications and program verification, to help customers confirm the feasibility of the program. backpfrontp Therefore, we also believe in the use of violet or ultraviolet LED excitation RGB three-color phosphor, to obtain a high color rendering white LED technology, current chip efficiency has been raised to a new order of magnitude under the circumstances, the industry will increasingly purple LED The more and more popular. backp