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Beneficial Up Subsidiaries Sinks Optoelectronics Three New Board Listing The Application Is Accepted

Jun 30, 2017

 LED stadium lights zhuangao frontp November 3, Sea Star (002 137) announced that the subsidiary received in exchange Optoelectronics October 30, 2015 National SME share transfer system limited liability company issued a 'Notice of Acceptance 'The big photoelectric submitted in the country listed on the SME share transfer system application materials have been accepted. backpfrontp exchange Optoelectronics registered capital of 1,655 million,LED stadium lighting a large proportion of the company to the Department of photoelectric 42.40% shareholding of the company held by its percentage of voting rights of 62.40%. backpfrontp It is understood that the Department of Optoelectronics is a research and development, production, sales, professional development, production LED tunnel lights business, products mainly used for traffic lights, indoor and outdoor displays, household appliances, backlight, lighting and so on . LED arena lights Department of Optoelectronics has domestic advanced automated production lines, the introduction of international aspirant ASM automatic solid crystal, wire bonders, plastic irrigation lines and automatic test separation and other automated production equipment and force gauge, high power led flood lights life testing machine high temperature testing and other testing and reliability test equipment. backpfrontp Department of Optoelectronics, said the small and medium enterprises in the country to apply for share transfer system is able to successfully complete the listing is still uncertain, please the majority of investors of investment risks.1000W led flood light backp