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Neo-Neon Holdings Usher In 'new Helmsman' And How Future Strategic Layout

Jun 27, 2017

 Recently, Neo-Neon Holdings Holdings Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Neo-Neon Holdings) ushered in a new helm, former chairman Lu Zhicheng due to his age of retirement, the company announced the appointment of a new president, Fan shares the same side as the Neo-Neon Holdings Board and Chairman of the Board. backpfrontp Neo-Neon Holdings,LED stadium lights formerly known as the overlord of China's lighting Neo-Neon, in August 2014, Tongfang Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Tsinghua Tongfang Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as Tongfang) Call Neo-Neon additional 10 million new shares, after accounting for shares issued 51.6%, officially entered the Neo-Neon became the controlling shareholder, the same year in December, Neo-Neon Holdings Limited has changed its name to Neo-Neon Holdings Holdings Limited. Since then,LED stadium lighting the industry is also very concerned about specific strike into the same side of the lighting system overlord after. So the coaching change, Neo-Neon Holdings usher in a new helmsman, Fan new original good state could continue to break the bottleneck to achieve greater breakthroughs, it is also of concern. backpfrontp look back at the development process shares the same side as the holding company of Tsinghua University, also gives the impression that the industry is very intuitive, that is a high-tech hatchery, which the Chinese most competitive scientific research incubator mature market. Up to now, LED tunnel lights its holding of shares or equity affiliates amounted to more than 50 with the side already hatching and nurturing a computer, a digital city, networking applications, microelectronics and RF technology, multimedia, semiconductors and other lighting XII backbone of industrial clusters, with Neo-Neon Holdings including a total of five listed companies. Tongfang Lu Zhicheng in charge of nearly eight years, from the bud to grow, from sharpening to transformation, now with total assets of over 30 billion yuan, more than 20 billion yuan of revenue, more than 2,000 patents and software copyrights win the attention. In particular, the same computer as one of the two major PC makers, sales of stable domestic three, a top 10 success. Today, LED arena lights Tongfang brand value of nearly 90 billion yuan, among the world's top 500 brands column, he no doubt has become a highly respected figure in China's IT industry. backpfrontp However, in 1989 the use of surplus funds own research professor of entrepreneurship, very shy, he gave his helm career scoring only 60.5 points, because he thought: the same side for so many years to have good aspirations and vision, enterprise According to this idea is really walking, but because of the weakness of the so-called intellectuals, to do things that are not resolute, not big enough, the hand is not cruel, execution is not strong enough. backpfrontp look at this old technology industry layout in LED tennis court lights industry. Before holding Neo-Neon, starting in 2006, shares the same side has a substrate (Tongfang Guoxin) in the LED field, wafer chip (Nantong Tongfang Semiconductor), display backlight (Shenzhen Tongfang Optical), lighting (Tongfang Optical environment) After other industries, and lighting overlord really bright, combining the strengths in the field of LED to build a more complete industrial chain, greatly enhancing the competitive advantage. However, the data show that the financial situation is not optimistic about their own Neo-Neon since changed hands, the annual performance of the end of last year nine months, turnover of 558 million yuan (RMB), a loss of 196 million yuan. However,LED arena lights according to 2015 report shows that as of the end of June, by the mid-term loss from profit, a loss of 156 million yuan last year's mid-term, mid-year net profit of 3.379 million yuan finally, the situation began to improve. But far not implemented 1 + 1 \u0026 gt; 2 results. backpfrontp Lu Zhicheng is the new norm for many years of leadership, it is the teacher. In the eyes of Lu Zhicheng, new van is a great many of his students in Qinghua style, he is a very practical person, very rational, diligent, rigorous, carefully. According backpfrontp with their colleagues in both years, Liu Tong,,LED tennis court lights vice president of the lighting industry group Tongfang opinion, two of them who have a lot in common: a strong technology industry serve the country's intellectuals feelings, both the big picture and the details of the habit of thinking, perseverance does not Stubbs calm character. backpfrontp so now, Neo-Neon Holdings range from Lu Zhicheng officially entered the era of a new era, a new hand at the helm would have changed? What range of new tactics will be taken to achieve further breakthroughs? current position in the whole LED industry shares the same side of how ? future development of ideas and strategic layout and how is it? backpfrontp Recently, I went to Hong Kong and Neo-Neon Holdings Mr. Fan Xin, chairman, president and CEO of Xie face to face in-depth exchanges. backpfrontp We never thought, after the acquisition of a verge of a loss, or have serious problems of the company, to the hands of the same side like next year, the year after the better. Nobody is immortal,LED gym lights because the remaining issues, the problem is not one or two days of formation. When asked, whether the White really bright regarded Tongfang many successful capital sum, the new norm and not simply rudely or may not be given such an answer, but he was gentle tone, and articulated so forcefully pointed out universal problems exist throughout the M \u0026 A industry. backpfrontp acquisitions easy to say, in fact, very easy, is not readily available on the Chinese market, but are the same worldwide. For example,LED high bay lights HP Compaq annexation, annexation Lenovo IBM, the successful integration of what is needed is time. Even in a rich body of experience with the successful merger party shares, Fan pointed out that the new acquisitions and without hesitation still hard post-merger integration. backp