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[Annual] Congregation Recently Raised This Time You Have An Ignition Must Be!

Jun 19, 2017

 [text / Engineering LED Yue Motte] with the beaten, the outcome has been given to describe the status of LED stadium lights upstream, you think it appropriate? With Scissors, the scale of victory to describe LED midstream current dispute, What exactly do you think? Well LED downstream of it? LED stadium lighting overseas market it? backpfrontp many doubts Engineering LED will be announced at the annual meeting in 2015 overall. backpfrontp chip prices and quality are mature, different sizes, different games are played, to fight large-scale manufacturers, small manufacturers go subdivision. Collect Epistar, Tongfang, HC SemiTek, Australian foreign Shunchang, harmony optoelectronics, BDO optoelectronic high power led flood lights upstream on behalf of many other companies, along with talk from red to purple, from suits to flip, three years later, there are How much chip plant can survive? backpfrontp midstream packaging field there is also this predicament. Innovation in packaging technology has been in development, and new technologies and processes from raw materials need to cooperate with each other and so the whole industry chain equipment,1000W led flood light technological innovation can subvert the industry pattern? That remains to be seen how big each package layout. backpfrontp in overseas markets + certification testing special, chairman of Reed settled in the United States measured detection Nie will focus on the North American market, a detailed explanation of the threshold of entering the North American market and the required certification; general manager Sen Lin Jiliang LED tennis court lighting division is with you Discussion on some non-mainstream market conditions. backpfrontp Internet + outdated, LED + ascendant. Fun LED + the industry and a few businesses, Hongli, Riyadh, etc. are one of the representatives. Use capital leverage leveraging development the main industry, it has become an important means of many listed or to be listed on the company's development. The rise backpfrontp same mode there is a mob, said the congregation raised. Since 2014, the annual Engineering LED gym lights chips on the use of all modes, like-minded persons within the invite industry, gathered in an annual industry event. The author from 2015 LED Engineering Department learned of the organizing committee, this year's conference to raise public in two sizes (see table below) backpbackpfrontp so there is demand in LED high bay lights industry event, what are you waiting for quick click (http?: //www.mikecrm.com/f.php?t=JALgJL) Register now! backp