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Suffered Another 'two Annealing' Both Chinese LED Floodlight Mandatory Recall By The European Union

Jun 16, 2017

Suffered another 'two Annealing' Both Chinese LED floodlight mandatory recall by the European Union

frontp Recently, the non-food category of the European Commission rapid alert system (RAPEX) and for Chinese-made LED stadium floodlight a mandatory recall, just a week ago, a Chinese-made brand 10W LED outdoor floodlight no reason Ground insufficient risk of electric shock to consumers and the EU mandatory recall. backpfrontp by the case of Hungary. The notification of products made in China PANNONLED brand LED high bay lights, the product has a motion sensor, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Industrial Classification Code (OECDPortal Category) to 78 million (electrical), the product batch to 800,045. backpfrontp because these products are not properly secured, which the cable can be easily pulled out an electric shock risk to consumers, while the cable insulation material of the product is PVC (PVC), LED tennis court lights is not suitable for use in outdoor lighting products, because they can not prevent rain leakage and invasion. The product is substandard EU Low Voltage Directive and the relevant European standard EN60598, the European Union has been forced to recall and withdraw from the market. backpfrontp before October 24, the EU is in the non-domestic brand 10W LED gym lights outdoor floodlight mandatory recall, the product emitting angle of 120 degrees, 900 lumens luminous flux, color temperature 6000K, life of 50,000 hours, IP66, the product mainly ground inadequate, resulting in electric shock risk. backp