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OAK LED Flood Light

Sep 27, 2016

  [text / Engineering LED Zhao Hui] Although the LED sapphire substrate prices began to decline significantly, but in order to successfully cut crystal optical smart phones, smart dressed field, sapphire sought new revenue growth point. August 25,stadium-lights crystal optical (002273.SZ) released the 2015 semi-annual report. Earnings data show that first half operating income reached optical crystal 538 million yuan, up 23.51 percent; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 83.1627 million yuan, representing an increase of 1.10% over the same period last year. Which,led-stadium-light LED sapphire substrate and other business revenue reached 95.8534 million yuan, an increase of 10.65%, the gross margin remained at 27.56%. Crystal optical side said, although the LED industry good momentum of development,high-power-led-flood-light but the industry is fierce dispute. Company LED sapphire substrate business to achieve economies of scale in the expansion while significantly lower prices, product profits are greater influence, while the domestic market accounts receivable increased risk;1000W-led-flood-light With the expansion of sapphire optical applications, the company actively engaged in the relevant technology product development and market development, has successfully cut into smart phones, smart dressed in areas such as sapphire optical products development momentum horizon. June 28, 2015, crystal optical placement program SFC approval letter.RGB-led-flood-light August 4, crystal optical issuance is completed, has received net proceeds of 1.197 billion yuan in accordance with the plan set by crystal photoelectric plans to invest 386 million yuan for the expansion project of the filter group legislature pieces;tennis-court-light use funds raised 586 million Yuan Dan Changjing for Sapphire and deep processing projects. Previously, the crystal optical secretaries Kong institutional investors at the reception, said the company on the whole industry chain to build temporary sapphire first focus on the upstream of the existing LED sapphire substrate plate continues practitioners good internal strength,led-tunnel-light the entire product structure, composed of 2 Steering inches 4 inches and even 6 inches; adjust the market structure, dominated the domestic market to the domestic and foreign markets coexist; grafting new technology to maintain differentiation advantages,led-bay-light to ensure that walking in front of the industry;. At the same time began to extend to the sapphire crystal optical Dan Changjing upstream areas, the establishment of long grain base, sapphire stable sources of raw materials, and make strategic preparations to cope with the rapid expansion of sapphire can be a huge time applications in the optical field.led-road-light It is understood that the optical crystal has been basically absorbing 30KG, 60KG Sapphire Dan Changjing technology, currently being developed 85KG Sapphire Dan Changjing technology. Optical crystal in the semi-annual report is expected in the first three quarters of net profit will remain at led-arena-light