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NVC Interim Net Profit Fell 70 Percent Overall Decline In Sales Of Its Own Brand

Oct 14, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Xuchao Peng] LED stadium lighting competition brings prices down has begun a profound impact on the performance of NVC. After backpfrontp recently, is in control of the storm recovery phase of consolidation NVC (02222.HK) announced the 2015 mid-year report, the report data show that the first half of NVC total revenue 1.772 billion yuan, an increase of 4.1%; margin 3.81 billion yuan, down 0.2 percent; pre-tax profit of 76.929 million yuan, down 18.6%, attributable to owners of the parent company net profit of 17.073 million yuan, a decrease of 70.6%. backpfrontp According to the Daily News revealed that in the business segments in the first half NVC stadium lights business revenue of 1.061 billion yuan, a slight decline year on year; revenue reached 580 million yuan source category, an increase of 15.77%, but the source class business to achieve profits not decreased.  this, NVC side said, mainly due to the high power LED flood lighting products into the stage of steady growth, market growth slowed, while the traditional lighting products gradually replaced or withdraw, yield and the price is still falling, and because NVC The light source and lighting products mainly well-known international companies that ODM-based reporting period, North America and Europe and other mature markets demand is stable, sustained growth in orders, which has prompted the light source lighting products sales and growth. comparison to last year can be seen in the first half of 2015 NVC LED lighting products to achieve revenue 604 million, 512 million yuan a year earlier, an increase of 18%, which was established with the main business of home lighting NVC affiliated companies have great relationship. Compared to LED lighting, non-1000W LED flood light products section mid achieved revenues of 1.168 billion, 1.191 billion a year earlier fell 1.9 percent. This is mainly due to the continuous traditional lighting products, substituted or exit capacity while shrinking market demand and the price should also be reduced, resulting in varying degrees of decline NVC's major traditional product line revenue. backpfrontp for NVC and its former CEO and its Executive Director Wu Changjiang storm event, NVC side expressed its Independent Investigation Commission has commissioned a number of the security agreement a pledge external independent professional consultants and so-called Wu Changjiang made 20 In the license agreement, as well as legal review and withdraw funds according to the freezing of the so-called agreement. Overall, ended June 30, 2015 6 months, the company is in the recovery after the consolidation of the storm event, we will also adjust their development strategies, oversee the implementation of a series of measures to consolidate both inside and outside the Group's business status.led bay light For example, NVC next step will accelerate transformation of the Internet, to get through online and offline channels. NVC representation. It is reported that, for the promotion of domestic brands in the market NVC, NVC has been established electricity suppliers and O2O Division to expand the online sales business, and will use 36 exclusive regional distributors and 3,437 exclusive stores in the region, full transition to Internet marketing.the second half to ensure the performance indicators, the current NVC has launched the Thunder series of new products, which will be the first application of a flip-chip,led street lighting dual lamp beads and security upgrades of new products, and new products with thunder LED lighting technology, market competition and Appearance advantage, its large-scale application is not only effective cost savings, more conducive to the Group to obtain greater market share. NVC mentioned in the semi-annual report. backpfrontp data show that as of the end of the first half, the NVC has 36 exclusive regional distributors, 3,437 shops, stores reduce the number of 268 over last year. NVC brand products in the domestic sales of 948 million yuan, down 3.1%, sales in the overseas market of 1.9 billion yuan, down 9.4%. backpfrontp OEM business,led tunnel light mainly in the energy-saving lamps NVC-based, OEM revenues in the first half of 634 million yuan, 35.78 percent of total revenue.