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Nichia Layout To Spare No Effort To Develop New Technologies Essential Patents---stadium Floodlights

Oct 26, 2016

 the past 10 years, the mainland LED stadium light industry in mainland government support, the use of different subsidy programs and protective measures fertile pregnant out of three safety optoelectronics, photovoltaic and other wood Linsen enough to enter the international market enterprises. In three safety optoelectronics,led stadium light not only from the Government Procurement metal organic chemical deposition (MOCVD) machine subsidies, but in Taiwan, large-scale poaching talent even further stake investment Taiwan epitaxial plant. backpfrontp wherein three optical invest in 2013 made 19.9% stake in Can photoelectric round, with Epistar in 2014 after the merger Chan photoelectric round, three safety photoelectric switch to have 3% stake in Epistar, following the 2015 Epistar Optical merger TSMC solid-state high power led flood lighting, the three safety photoelectric still has Epistar about 2.8% stake, the spillover effect is remarkable. backpfrontp mainland manufacturers to actively fight to break new ground Union also contend core patent backpfrontp Apart from three safety optoelectronics, mainland industry is also actively expand the international mergers and acquisitions over the past few years, the operation, which, March 31, 2015, Beijing announced GSR to $ 3.3 billion acquisition of Royal Philips (Philips) Lumileds company's 80.1% stake in the third quarter of 2015 after obtaining regulatory approvals to formal completion of the acquisition, and this will cause the body including the original LED business and spun off from Philips Group Automotive Lighting division, a move that really shocked the global 1000W LED flood light industry.is worth noting that through this acquisition, the mainland LED industry will be able to break Nichia (Nichia), Osram, Toyoda Gosei (ToyodaGosei), Cree LED manufacturers and other traditional existing patent barrier, but on this one changes in the competitive dynamics of the situation, worrying, but it is Taiwan LED tunnel light industry increasingly heavy pressure of competition. backpfrontp experience from Nichia Thoughts face to break the red channel backpfrontp supply chain Beijing GSR acquired Lumileds, although only mainland enterprises to compete for international capital markets, and to break through the walls of the patent in one case, but many SME manufacturers in Taiwan LED industry, this is undoubtedly a powerful shocker. backpfrontp Therefore, Taiwan LED bay light industry to stand out in both the competitive pressures and difficulties, or may be further learn from Nichia continuous research and innovation, the layout of the core patent experience. backpfrontp Nichia gallium nitride (GaN) material developed blue LED point in time, exactly the germination stage GaN material through time employees, 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics laureate, Santa Barbara University, USA Professor Shuji Nakamura, as well as other synergies Nichia employees, developed a series of materials, construction, packaging and application of patents, especially white LED patent further blocking the development of the global LED street lighting market vendors. After experiencing several times after patent litigation, formed five vendors patent cross-licensing situation, but also caused the development of cross-strait LED white light-emitting diode manufacturers market the patent barriers. backpfrontp While industry often heard saying Nichia's patent will expire in succession, that the halcyon days after this there can be too, will no longer be Nichia patent clamp. But, all walks of life but they ignore the Nichia patent continuous still continue to use the case and split case, continue to extend the scope and validity of the patent, but also continue to actively develop new materials, new technologies,gym lights new products, and the layout of the new core patents. backpfrontp on new materials, new technologies and new products, Nichia Chemical Company of Japan Kaneka Corporation (KanekaCorporation) develop thermosetting resin and add titanium dioxide (TiO2) as a reflector cup material, but to develop new stents structure and new process, complete EMC (EpoxyMoldingCompound, epoxy molding resin) development and mass production of products, with the original plastic reflector cup holder for different product series. Nichia develops high heat, low yellowing, high adhesion of thermosetting resin metal electrode cooling medium power LED arena light products, not to cut into the low-cost low-power LEDs with the market as the goal.In the development process, while the layout of Nichia LED EMC type material, support structure, LED and electrical properties of polycrystalline structure, LED mixed light technology and new process and other related EMC core patents, will form the next round of development of backward Manufacturer light-emitting diodes patented technology barriers. backpfrontp Nichia for new technology development and core patents layout to spare no effort, that appear on the basis of research and innovation ability and persistence, but also its greatest strengths in the face of competition from other emerging pressures. backpfrontp This view, although in recent years by the Taiwan LED stadium floodlights industry supply chain competitive pressure from the red LED industry in mainland China, but the breakthrough red supply chain surrounded the best way, still lies in research and innovation and key patent layout. backpfrontp for enterprises, continued investment in research and innovation must be key technologies, not only to follow the technology and improvement of others; For the government, the most important is to support high-risk innovative technology companies, as well as plans to expand the industry division dedicated The industrial technology project and small business innovation research program and other incentives and investment companies to develop truly breakthrough innovations and turn into a core patents. In addition, the need to support the establishment of a patent technology fund, acquired all sectors innovative technology companies or their core patent application, while the government should establish a patent resource sharing platform for these core patents have influence on the market able to authorize the implementation of domestic manufacturers.