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New Generation Of UAVs--OAKLED Flood Light

Sep 23, 2016

The advent of a new generation of UAVs formulated LED lamp body is slightly larger than a coin

frontpAxis Drones company launched a new generation of UAVs product Aerius,stadium-lights compact and lightweight is its biggest advantage, in fact, this is the world's smallest UAV. backpbackpfrontp Aerius body only slightly larger than a coin,high-power-led-flood-light the length and width of 4cm, height of only 1.75cm. It's easy to incorporate the controller body, in addition, for portability,tennis-court-light the length of the controller is limited to 10.8cm, you can fit into a pocket. AxisDrones company outright call it Wallet Drone. Aerius such a small body makes only a 3.7v80 mA (mAh) battery, the flight time 5-7 minutes.1000W-LED-flood-light Players can put Aerius on the controller, through the four batteries in the controller to charge. backpfrontp addition,stadium-floodlights Aerius in the configuration with other large UAVs little difference: LED lamps, six-axis gyro-stabilized, intelligent directional control. backpbackpfrontp As of June this year,gym-iights Axis Drones in congregation raised platform Indiegogo has won five times the original amount of the public to raise more, gained more than 70,000 US dollars of funds. backpfrontp now, Axis Drones official online release of the pre-sale of the page,led-bay-light provide four kinds of color, the price is $ 35, the official release date of September 30th.