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Net Profit Of 123 Million Yuan Contrarian Growth In The First Three Quarters Of The Country Star Power

Mar 22, 2017

 Engineering LED Zhao Hui With the LED stadium lighting industry market competition becomes more intense, as the industry's only a few of the whole industrial chain of listed companies, the country star power in technology, products, Competitive Advantage market increasingly prominent. backpfrontp October 22 evening, the country star power to disclose the 2015 annual report of the third quarter. Earnings data show that the country star power in the third quarter operating income of 428 million yuan, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 39.2376 million yuan, an increase of 9.01%. LED stadium lights 2015 January to September, the country star power of total revenue reached 1.334 billion yuan, an increase of 16.84%, net profit of 123 million yuan, an increase of 22.26%. backpfrontp operating income over the same period and epitaxial growth was mainly based high power LED flood light chip sales last year due to the increase. Country star power side said. backpfrontp LED industry as a whole industrial chain layout of the few who backed Rising country star power company's strong capital strength and the company's own research and development, the formation of a resource - complete chain Market - Technology - Manufacturing. We take on the downstream collaborative innovation, midstream and downstream industry chain regularly discuss with the technical staff to achieve the integration of resources linkage and integration. Country star power represented Dr. Li Cheng,1000W LED flood light deputy general manager. backpfrontp electronics company with country star country star projects a semiconductor epitaxial chip production capacity and gradually improve product stability, the overall production and management also improved significantly in the first half of Star Semiconductor has been profitable. InvenLux to join, but also help the country star power to adjust and optimize the product structure, the country star power in the field of competitiveness of the upstream chip has a certain lifting effect. backpfrontp packaging field, in 2015 the country star power developed EMC3030 backlight devices meet the requirements of high-end TV products. While the development of near-ultraviolet, infrared, automotive and other new products and RGB LED flood light devices 1010,0808 chip size package of new products, expanding the innovative LED products and high value-added applications. And the first in the use of film ceramic substrate CSP package, developed based on two kinds of ceramic and sapphire substrate filament products. backpfrontp downstream lighting applications, the country star power of brand influence is also expanding. backpfrontp the first half of 2015,LED high bay lights has held in Henan, Beijing, Hubei and other places distributor Exchange Conference, actively expand distribution channels and engineering lighting channels; in May 2015, the company Lynx country star power shop flagship store officially launched operations, success The company has taken the first step to open up the electricity supplier channels. backpfrontp Guoxing lighting business more oriented to commercial lighting, lighting products, supplemented by the flow of the class. LED tennis court Lighting Division Xu Zhenfeng, general manager, said that this year in downlights, ceiling, T5 stent lights and other core products, growth was particularly evident, and showed a good momentum of development. Superior products, customer base is increasing, professional team effort, we are the direct cause of this situation occurs. backp