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Nanoleaf Bulbs In Favor Of The United States Has Sold 80,000 Eligible Units---oak Led Flood Light

Oct 23, 2016

 Bulb kind of thing, it seems a small thing, how to make an intelligent lamp and conventional led stadium light bulb at a glance separate? The answer is given in Yan Sicheng directly they do not look the same. But how to do the same bulb still not be able to sleep in bed complete things, choose what material, made of what form, what this function, things are considered to be repeated. backpfrontp open several sites to raise the public can see that the light bulb that hardware has been no so-called explosion models, for why the cut from the bulb of intelligent hardware point of view, Yan Sicheng still have something to say. Nanoleaf how kind in the United States? backpfrontp congregation raise is a good form, for products subject to unwelcome, raise up and down all the website will know. Nanoleaf first generation of products on Kickstarter to raise 270,000 dollars in all, for most products, is already a very good result,stadium lights the second-generation products are slightly worse, but there are 180,000 US dollars.Then sold it on? Yan told reporters into thinking that they have sold about 80,000 units, which sounds like a pretty optimistic figure people, because in the Kickstarter sponsor a Nanoleaf Bloom bulbs you want to pull out $ 40, but you You can also choose the official website of the purchase price of $ 35, he had praised the people of the United States across the Atlantic in large or wealthy ah high power led flood light.  but landed Baidu Future Shop will have a more cautious, not only the starting price down to 168 yuan, limited edition 500 words is exceptionally loud. Yan Sicheng said he wanted to sell before the end of the year 50,000 sets, but Lei Feng network correspondent feel after careful investigation over his heart would be expected to fall to a thousand bars. How Nanoleaf decided to do? backpfrontp The idea originated in Yan Sicheng University in Toronto reading, at that time he was in a convoy to realize solar energy is a wasting great things, and now has been used in numerous energy ,1000W LED flood light then the energy is spent after it? gone is gone. He began to realize the importance of energy efficiency, how to improve the energy efficiency of this idea began in his mind the tie deeper. Also in the team, he met like-minded friends, one pair of power supply design is very good at friend. backpfrontp So he took his friend to China, which is a rich, fast-growing countries. I see China has many good things, and also very cheap, I see a lot of different lights in Guangzhou over there, but let me puzzled why energy efficiency is so low? Many energy-efficient light bulbs are 80 percent or less, 100W only 80W of energy before finally led street lighting effects. So my partner would like to say that our own research and development of more efficient light bulbs. Yan Sicheng, speaking in a fairly fluent crooked fruit accent, searching in the mind of all the Chinese words said. This is the story three years ago. Truth backpfrontp luminous efficiency of someone's home is the salvation LED tunnel light bulb looks really like a light bulb, Nanoleaf it looks like a bulb shape similar works of art, not just one splice marks, PCB board itself is like is a work in progress, and semi-finished materials to create art forms is a common practice. In fact, although we can not say we do not pay attention Nanoleaf Yen value, but energy efficiency is the most Yan Sicheng mention the word. backpfrontp Yan Sicheng undisguised they pay in appearance, before making this product, they all went to dozens of different bulb factory, found that essentially all of the light bulb has an aluminum heat sink. Why should this thing? No, we start from scratch, do not copy others. backpfrontp Yan Sicheng emboldened said this is because they are able to do and want to achieve a high level in energy efficiency, LED bay lights do almost the only choice. LED lights compared to traditional incandescent and tungsten has an unparalleled great advantage. backpfrontp High Brightness: ordinary incandescent and tungsten luminous efficiency of 12-24 lumens / watt, while the LED lamps can reach 80-120 lm / W, and even the future may reach 150 lumens / watt. backpfrontp low power consumption: 10W of LED, 80-100W incandescent effect can be achieved at the same brightness power consumption is certainly lower. backpfrontp low heat: heat gym lights than incandescent smaller, Nanoleaf in the brightest time you can hand to hold. backpfrontp Small: LED is basically a small chip is encapsulated in epoxy, so it is very small, very light. backpfrontp PCB board as a host material in which the benefits? backpfrontp Why PCB board? divided into three aspects to consider, first, the heat, the PCB can easily select the heat, and in the back there each LED bulb for copper cooling, after prolonged use can still maintain around 40 degrees. Second, with the folding of (compared to glass), to complete the folded form. Finally, if the direct use of the PCB can be embedded directly into the bulb up. Have you considered other material? Yan Sicheng said they also considered the softer board or plastic, but still the PCB that best meet their needs. backpfrontp then Nanoleaf is how to do it? will a PCB board is divided into 11 parts, of which there are six regular pentagons, another five part two sides extended. Each section was covered with three small LED bulbs, add a total of 33. Stitching together, it becomes an almost omnidirectional light bulb, and this number is to weigh the costs and decide after the light efficiency. Yan Sicheng said they had more than 90% of the photoelectric conversion rate, and compared with the same type of LED light bulb would go higher efficiency of about 10%. But Yan Lei Feng network Sicheng also admitted to reporters, this form is actually the study two years ago, LED market is growing rapidly, and now may have single high-power LED arena light bulb can achieve the same energy efficiency. Of course Nanoleaf also studying new products. backpfrontp and ordinary glass bulbs harmony feel different, Nanoleaf feels like a Low Poly (low polygon) of the product, a total of 25 edges, feels quite cut hand. But for Nanoleaf, it instead is another kind of protection for consumers. Ordinary light bulbs when broken glass debris flying out, there may be people hurt, but Nanoleaf even if damaged, flying out of the debris does not form. The lamp will be subject to a special aging and impact testing to ensure its longevity and strength to meet the requirements. (Yan Sicheng not know 360 rolling test is what the hell, it's just the aging test products only.) Backpfrontp in Nanoleaf Bloom has a micro processor, the role of this processor is to control Nanoleaf Bloom lighting changes. Turn on the switch the light will gradually brighten from the dark. To the appropriate light intensity, pressing twice quickly switch (on + off) to the brightness locked. But for now the smart bulbs, there is no App Nanoleaf may be a both an advantage and a disadvantage features, do not have much space to occupy the phone is certainly good, but took out his mobile fingertips dimming, such operations not the best but did not need to reject.