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Multinational Companies Frequently Fall 'filament Lamp' To Fire This Thing?

May 05, 2017

 LED stadium lights filament lamp, light source as a new type of security, since the early 2014 into the horizon, the market increasingly bullish, many domestic enterprises have also layout package. backpfrontp into the second half of this year and in the following, all of whom were on hold multinationals also frequently act, Philips, Osram, GE and other companies have listed LED filament lamp. backpfrontp especially recently, Osram introduced new Soleriq L 38, belongs to its product line in the first LED filament products, this slim LED stadium lighting with ordinary incandescent filament yarn appearance is similar, but has an absolute advantage, thereby triggering the parties concerned. long thin shape with the old incandescent backp OSRAM Soleriq L 38 Model filament backpfrontp This new LED lamp filament match, providing a unified appearance of the color and the light quality, and create a pleasant atmosphere, they are very suitable for aesthetic family, hotels, restaurants lighting applications. According to Wong KumYih OSRAM semiconductor product manager mentioned. backpfrontp think earlier in the filament lamp field has Gonggeng long Hang SOLARPOWER, has three new board approved by the announcement of business information, the filament lamp business continued to maintain a high gross margin: This year 1 \u0026 mdash; in May, Hang SOLARPOWER in contrast By Chip gross margin 21.99% of cases, the filament lamp filament and gross profit were as high as 36.54% and 36.91%, as the current lack of motivation to solve the traditional placement of a business agent for help recipe. backpfrontp and, recently listed three new board whether it is business or a listed company, the main business including high power LED flood light filament lamp are also many, a time seems to have become a trend. backpfrontp LED filament has an excellent performance, it can easily produce a 360-degree Zhou bulb, incandescent lamp has a similar shape and light distribution curve, and thus become the true sense of the place of incandescent light ideal light source. Lin Wang, chairman of the stars lighting roots representation. backpfrontp According GGII research shows that in 2015 the total global demand for LED tunnel lights filament lamp has more than 500 million, and more than 35% annual rate of rapid increase. backpfrontp cite cases, at the end of last year, our automated spot welding and sealing equipment has been successively row wiring, each line can be realized filament lamp 15000 LED production capacity, yield is also more than 92 percent. This year we achieved monthly production capacity of one million, the annual output value is expected to exceed LED filament lamp billion mark. Wang root mention. backpfrontp and, because the production process bulb of simple, low cost of materials, along with the rapid increase LED filament packaging process, reducing its cost, LED arena lights filament bulb costs will rapidly decline. backpfrontp Currently, countries have introduced disable (lock-up) regulations or planned incandescent, but once since 1 October 2016 all over 15W incandescent 60W or less to stop production and sales, the market demand for LED high bay lights filament lamp will also show explosive growth. GGII senior analyst Lee germinal expected path. backpfrontp 2013 when he was 6 moonlight Asia exhibition, only Asia Poole and Jing Yang two companies showed off their suits and flip LED filament lamp, 2014 6 moonlight Asia exhibition, more than 60 companies were showing their products filament lamp , in October 2014 at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair has more than 200 companies showcase all kinds of LED tennis court lights filament lamp, after the end of this year, the Hong Kong exhibition, according to media reports, the current domestic production of LED filament lamp related companies close more than 800. Shanghai Institute of Microelectronics, Peking University professor Yan Chongguang representation. development backpfrontp domestic LED industry is in a filament lamp springing up, high-speed germination stage of growth, we believe that with the rapid growth of recent market trends, it can quickly spread to the whole industry chain, at the same time gradually recognized by the market, will also own and international giants the ability to compete with each other. Professor Yen Kuang last mentioned. backp