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Mingcheng Technology: Traveling Light And Development Of SMEs How To Do Subtraction

Dec 26, 2018

  [text / Engineering LED Gan Qin] Currently, both upstream LED stadium lights chip area, the middle reaches of the package, or downstream applications, are faced with difficult and intense market competition form, this year has been the industry say Red Sea competition is intensifying for the year, how to plan for the future become a common way to think about, especially SMEs. High power led flood lights Needless to say, the basic business mission is to create profits, some businesses can use to expand the business scale adder increase in turnover, although the move may increase profits, but also often due to the dispersion of human resources, capital, management strength, resulting in increased profits too slow, and even the overall decrease in profit phenomenon with them. backpfrontp For SMEs, remove redundant, good focus, but often can achieve the effect of sharply. Ming City, Chairman Chen Bin said that in the 1000w LED flood light industry, both internal and external, SMEs must be timely in order Win \u0026 lsquo; \u0026 rsquo ;. subtraction backpfrontp So, how do the subtraction SMEs to operate? In the Bin view, the core idea is to focus and extreme. That is in production subtraction, Bin believe that the main need from the following aspects: backpfrontp first in the number of products and product design to do subtraction, this subtraction is not minus points, but the product may burden; followed by channel subtraction, choose the appropriate channels, and then make every effort on the destination channel, to achieve optimal effect the outbreak, which influence and lead follow other channels; the other is management doing subtraction, will focus energy core talents to reduce the time spent on the cost of management. backpfrontp Bin believes that the current LED stadium floodlights industry has entered a mature stage, there are numerous future companies will leave the industry, this is the law, the lighting industry can not have the presence of so many companies, the past, and the future as well. LED tennis court lights if SMEs also spell scale, to fight the brand, fight channel is not realistic, it will lead to cannibalism. Chen Bin said that I think that SMEs need to focus on marketing and product development, manufacturing capacity can be transferred, without reservation can develop. backpfrontp In addition, the chronic problem of price wars, the channel war, war is the industry products exist, SMEs difficulties and take? Are there any advantages they? What is left of SMEs, future or standing still a go? backpfrontp in December 11 - 12, the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on the fifth floor Azalea Hall, held the annual meeting 2015 LED airport lights Engineering, Ming City Science and Technology will discuss with guests, so stay tuned backp!