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Mingcheng Technology Session Title: The Next Wave Of Intelligent Manufacturing Man-machine Cooperation Is The Trend

Jun 10, 2019

【frontp [text / Engineering LED Gan Qin] In recent years, faced with the high cost pressure, many companies began to try LED stadium lights machine substitutions, information systems and other ways to explore intelligent manufacturing mode . backpfrontp order for photovoltaic, for example, three years ago after the company launched A1500 lighting intelligent manufacturing production line, the company has re-launched the A1200 distributed intelligent production lines. backpfrontp deputy general manager for the Optoelectronic should Suntec introduction, A1500 high power led lamp intelligent manufacturing production line for large orders, compliance time is longer, a higher degree of customization requested order, the fixed assets investment amount is relatively higher. The A1200 distributed intelligent production line as an upgrade product, customers can according to the actual situation, more flexible choice of automation involved in depth, more controlled input costs, high power led flood lights compatibility switch faster and more cost. backpfrontp Needless to say, increased automation rate is to ensure conformity of production, improve product quality, and the best way to reduce costs, however, is not simply to intelligent manufacturing machines installed on the brain. As many high precision and advanced processing and assembly areas still can only be done by experienced technicians, as the old machine is not a panacea. backpfrontp how to make organic collaboration and automation equipment, learn from each other,1000W LED flood lights to achieve a balance of resources and efficiency is the key. backpfrontp local conditions, the introduction of flexible manufacturing man-machine mix, Hyun-seok photoelectric automated production equipment for the production concept, Hyun-seok photoelectric FORESTRY AND chairman, said the company's automation equipment is simple, is to use big data to support the introduction of high-precision highly flexible robot structure,LED high bay lights provide the entire production automation, intelligent. backpfrontp With Chinese manufacturing raised 2025, the industry believes that the future of manufacturing will achieve greater efficiency and flexibility of operation,LED gym lights maintenance and upgrading of equipment is more efficient, intelligent cost benefits will provide a broader enterprise profit margins. backpfrontp fact, fight investment, fight and equipment to increase the level of automation plant is not difficult, but the measure of a factory is advanced, not to see who the big investment, who's automation rate, how to give full play to the wisdom, through human and automated equipment organic collaboration,LED stadium floodlights to achieve the minimum resource consumption, maximize efficiency play? Thinking of the future business focus. backpfrontp addition, due to the high cost of intelligent manufacturing base is weak, plus solve practical problems of employment, SMEs in China is difficult to truly intelligent robots replace, then LED street lighting small and medium enterprises in difficulties and Go? Mingcheng Technology Chairman Bin thrown problems. backpfrontp from the 2015 Annual Meeting of Engineering LED there three weeks time, the title of the concert Mingcheng Technology \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; are for lighting (III): specialization + Manufacturing Forum, Mingcheng technology for optoelectronics, Hyun-seok photoelectric several large companies will unveil the fog. backpfrontp In addition, the site is more wisdom made: cost reduction and quality assurance, for whom the use of automated production lines, etc. Roundtable topics, on-site guests will have the opportunity to interact with industry heavyweights and jointly explore backp?!