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Ming Microelectronics, MOSO Talk About Power IC Market Standardization---led Stadium Lights

Dec 09, 2016

 Gan Qin, general manager of Power LED stadium lightsBusiness Group backpfrontp MoSo Ding Hua: only standardized in order to achieve lower costs backpbackpfrontp MOSO in the first half made a strategic adjustment and integration now MoSo subsidiary of the Group in the form of re-divided into three large pieces, is part of the Industrial part,led stadium lighting the second part is a new energy, and the third part is the fund investment. backpfrontp in Industrial parts, including LED power supply, this business has been launched in cooperation with New Optical win, but I am also win new photoelectric general manager, through this partnership, will all the resources to integrate the two companies, high power led flood light through the integration of new win Optoelectronics technical resources, product resources, coupled with the MoSo funds platform, manufacturing platform, management platform, to re-create a new MOSO. backpfrontp specifically how to implement, is to achieve product standardization, the less I believe that the more standard specifications, product stability can be guaranteed, and today you have in reference to the cost is very great pressure, and if the standards are not formed,1000W LED flood light the supply chain how to standardization, so only in the context of standardization of products that can be formed only truly cost, as well as the application side can solve the problem resolved. backpfrontp In addition, the future will be who have to manufacture who in the world, development of automation is the future direction, MoSo in this part of the investment, we used production lines require about 120 people can now be controlled in less than seven,led tunnel light and the capacity is existing 3 times. backpfrontp future MoSo heaven will not float, but ground gas, down to earth, sinking heart to do the technical innovation, truly Industries into our schedule where each day. Sense, to industry, to the customer real, with the rest assured,led bay light buy the rest assured products, hard work and prosperous MoSo re-create our slogan. Assistant General Manager Huang Lai Ming Microelectronics backpfrontp long: to develop functional products in high-end products backpbackpfrontp year we have a big breakthrough, from last year to this year, shipments are growing every month, from the industry point of view, some of the same quality of products mainly price competition,led arena light then we will have some action may be mainly concentrated in the core online technology professional segments, because the current limitations of the entire linear will be relatively large, but the follow-up this technology We will progress, including good will gradually improve in terms of power. Under backpfrontp In addition,led tunnel light the functionality, including general lighting applications, our future will not be any increase in the cost of the program itself, the realization of the functionality increases, which is the direction of our development, for example, dimmer switch, controlled tone in light, we believe there will be more significant breakthrough, in east gym lights throughout the whole plant has to make some of our needs, than say, without increasing the cost of the current non-isolated power supply technology to increase the number of functional stuff . This is what we will do next is technically a few moves. backpfrontp In addition, since the entire LED tennis court lights industry more competitive, we are in the fight of quality, cost fight, fight, the future we will strengthen services, because this scheme of things needed technical personnel will be relatively little more, before We in Xiamen market is no technical support, then we will give some technical support and Xiamen in East China market. backp