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Micro-micro-marketing Era Today You Do It---led Stadium Floodlights

Dec 08, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Yue Motte] into the micro era, everything emphasizes creative, efficient micro-channel is also no longer just a communication tool between friends, but assume more corporate culture and information dissemination functions, and even played the role of Ali Baba  such as those micro-channel circle of friends in the mask. LED stadium light industry and other industries are no different, many companies have begun to dig affect micro letter to corporate influence and marketing model brings. Customers relax at work, and we understand, the information spread out, you know what we are doing, is how to do, how to do kind. SanDisk Shenzhen Green Integrated Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SanDisk integration) Market Department official told the 'Engineering LED'stadium lights.  SanDisk integrated micro letter and had Yi enterprises show platform production company profile, new product introduction and invitation to participate in the exhibition. Micro-channel information is easy to understand with vivid digested easily by everyone,high power led flood light and can easily accept moving scenes. 2015 industry under increasing pressure, the daily spiritual are Bengzhuo very tight, we hope to use a relaxed mode of transmission and mobile micro-channel to achieve the purpose of promotion of the scene at the same time, it enables the client to relax. backpfrontp and country star power and Crystal Electronics is the use of micro-channel platform to start the product's articles. backpbackpfrontp country star power to prepare and publish the new 2835 copy on a large platform in the company's micro-channel platform. Copywriter with simple and clear,1000W LED flood light easy to be accepted by all the micro-channel image 2835 show a large platform to readers. Compared with the conventional micro marketing copy, the country star power in the form of posters with simple words + pictures, breaking the usual habit copywriter, outstanding product features, make the reader more easily understand the product. Modern pursuit of fast and efficient way of reading, the length and complexity of words will make readers produce marketing content to resist, simple pictures and text more quickly and intuitively convey the meaning and characteristics of the product. 'What is the most important in the 21st century? Platform,led tunnel light the most important!' Marketing Copywriter Once launched, the industry set off a wave of 2835 large platform. The reason for this is to allow readers to quickly read the product information, the country star power brand promotion repair Feng said.Crystal Electronics Crystal Electronics 5050backpfrontp promote the company's new product line with 5050, the product has also written promotional copy, combined with the characteristics of the summer heat and the LED bay light industry exhibition in Asia Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition shortly after the end, this launch 5050, and with micro-channel Copywriter 5050 highlight the advantages of the product. PCCooler see the micro-channel applications in the terminal groups in the spread of influence, we planned a 'pay attention to these details will help you to more easily develop LED street lighting market,' the copy. Articles from micro-channel guide users how to purchase street talking, then skillfully street poster suite LD3B Series products into the user's field of vision. At the same time emphasizing the importance of street construction, we introduced the advantages LD3B series. Posters directly above a clearly bigger product design innovative, efficient and economic characteristics highlighted, but the product can be multi-angle adjustment features with the actual situation demonstrated most vividly images;led gym lights the lower right corner of the four structural diagram easier to understand, it is refreshing simple poster succeeded in getting users to understand overclocking three lights Kit LD3B series. backpfrontp micro marketing market is already open, in 2015 Golden Globe Engineering LED has purposely set up a micro annual brand marketing awards, so that each company display their skill, to see who is the real king of micro marketing. backp