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Mason Technologies 740 Million Yuan Acquisition Of Two Companies Into The Field Of Internet Advertising And Marketing

Jun 08, 2017

  Suspended after four months of planning, Mason Technologies has finally come up with a restructuring plan, it plans to offer about 740 million acquisition of two companies,LED stadium lights thereby entering the field of Internet advertising and marketing. backpfrontp Mason Technologies announced today, to be paid by the issue of shares and cash, respectively acquired 100% stake in the Soviet heyday Yixuan and Liao Jintian, Fang Min, Ma Ruifeng held by hundreds of millions of wireless 100% stake. backpfrontp which, Mason Technologies intends to 23.59 yuan per share, the Soviets issued 597.83 million shares and pay cash 273.6 million yuan, the acquisition of peak Xuan meaning it holds 100% equity,LED stadium lighting the transaction price of 414.63 million yuan; and In the same price, to Liao, Fang Min, Ma Ruifeng issue 737.47 million shares, and pay 150 million yuan in cash to acquire 100% stake in wireless millions of its holdings, the transaction price of 323.97 million yuan. backpfrontp Meanwhile, Mason Technologies also plans to no less than 35.91 yuan per share, non-public offering of not more than 1239.2091 million shares, High power led flood light 445 million yuan to raise matching funds for the payment of cash to the transaction price, transaction taxes and agency costs. backpfrontp larger due to the acquisition of assets, the transaction constitutes a major asset restructuring, but the controlling shareholder and actual controller is not changed, still Li Zhijiang, Luo and Lee Chi three. backpfrontp for future performance, peak Yixuan and existing shareholders have committed hundreds of millions of wireless. Among them, the heyday Yixuan obligation to compensate shareholders of the Soviet people as a performance commitment,1000W led flood light peak Yixuan 2015 year 2016 year 2017 year 2018 annual net profit of not less than buckle non respectively 30 million yuan, 39 million yuan, 50.7 million yuan, 5830.5 million; millions of wireless shareholder Liao Jintian, Fang Min, Ma Ruifeng commitments as a performance compensation obligations, millions of wireless 2015 year 2016 year 2017 annual net profit of not less than buckle non respectively 25 million yuan, 32.5 million yuan, 42.25 million yuan . backpfrontp for this transaction, Mason Technologies, said the company in recent years sought to advertising media field LED tunnel lights products associated with the extension of the development. The company was completed in June 2015 on the acquisition of the Japanese photovoltaic, LED arena lights advertising signs into the lighting field, established advertising media to the downstream industry development direction of industrial extension. The acquisition is intended to Xuan heyday, millions of wireless two Internet advertising and marketing company, is an important layout Mason Technologies in advertising media industry, not only the listed company itself can be further enhanced marketing capabilities, is the company's strong diversification breakthrough. backpfrontp It is worth mentioning that, Mason Technologies in the day also issued a bulletin investment, 21.43% of the shares invested 30 million yuan to invest BOTU advertising, after the transaction is completed, Mason Technologies will hold BOTU advertising intended. LED tennis court lights similar acquisition targets set by the above, BOTU ads belong to the field of Internet marketing, the industry's leading Internet marketing full-text service provider. backpfrontp quite interesting it is that the listing of the company and shareholders BOTU ad signed an agreement on gambling. When BOTU ad performance and other conditions to achieve the agreed targets, Mason Technologies will issue shares and paid cash for the acquisition of the remaining equity BOTU advertising, then, the overall valuation BOTU advertising is 10-14 times the current year net profit of commitment , LED high bay lights cash ratio for the overall acquisition price of 25-35%. backpfrontp if BOTU ad fails to meet the agreed terms, then, Mason Technologies is entitled to require the counterparty to repurchase their holdings of cash BOTU advertising all the shares subject to repurchase price to 30 million yuan, and paid The part of the amount corresponding to investment income, even under certain circumstances, be required to pay counterparties listed companies liquidated damages. backp