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Look To The Future Development Of Data LED Lighting Industry Is Undoubtedly The Best Medical Certificate Seeing November

Jul 08, 2019

   LED stadium lighting industry market data on how it is undoubtedly the best medical certificate, to this end, Xiao Bian finishing this month some of the \u0026 quot;? \u0026 quot ;, important data from another angle and see LED unlimited money scene lighting industry. backpfrontp [$ 500 million] backpfrontp LED lighting plant showed high growth in 2017 is expected to reach $ 500 million backpfrontp global LED lighting application of plant output value from 2013 onwards, beginning to show rapid growth, preliminary statistics in 2014 amounted to $ 100 million in 2017 It is expected to reach $ 500 million. With the global LED lighting penetration rate applied to enhance agriculture, the Chinese market is slowly emerging, future broad market prospects. backpfrontp [$ 8.14 billion] backpfrontp LED intelligent lighting market in 2020 is expected to reach 8.14 billion US dollars worth backpfrontp world's second largest market research and consulting firm MarketsandMarkets recently released market research report pointed out that in 2020, the total market is expected to intelligent lighting It reached $ 8.14 billion, a CAGR between 2015 and 2020 was 22.07%. backpfrontp intelligent lighting market presents a high annual compound growth rate of the huge growth potential of intelligent lighting will redefine the lighting industry in the coming years, to provide energy, while increasing ease of use and accessibility. In the next five years, for intelligent lighting, intelligent lighting control demand is growing at an alarming rate in transition from traditional lighting, will further promote the development of intelligent lighting systems. backpfrontp [$ 30.5 billion] backpfrontp 2016 the global LED lighting market will reach $ 30.5 billion backpfrontp latest '2016 global LED stadium lighting market trend,' the study pointed out that LED lighting market in 2015 will come to $ 25.7 billion, the penetration rate of 31%; in 2016 it reached $ 30.5 billion, penetration increased to 36%. backpfrontp research assistant manager Wu Ying Jie, said the price slump severely affect profits replacement LED bulbs and tubes products. Thus, companies began to turn their attention to lighting professional lighting market, but expect governments to launch domestic policy to stimulate public construction spending and new case development, when industrial and commercial lighting and architectural lighting growth potential will not be underestimated. In addition, in 2016 the global lighting market, the United States and India, the two countries will be the most powerful growth momentum, it is worth attention. backpfrontp [20%] backpfrontp 20% within two years, the wisdom of the people willing to buy lighting products according to market research ONWorld backpfrontp recently completed, wisdom lighting is most likely to be included in the list of products intelligence household products, this complete in the first half of 2015 consumption investigations revealed that 20% of respondents are willing to buy wisdom LED bulb products in the next two years, 29% of consumers are willing to pay $ 20 or more of the amount to buy wisdom wireless LED bulbs. backpfrontp [8%] backpfrontp 2014 - 2020 年 infrared LED market will grow 8% GAGR backpfrontp According to IHS latest research report shows, infrared (IR) LED industrial sector dominates the infrared market growth in 2014 - during the 2020 infrared LED high bay lights market to grow at a CAGR of 8%. Its growth comes mainly from mechanical products, CCTV high-power infrared LED and a steady growth in the smoke detector. backpfrontp [93%] backpfrontp 93% of consumers prefer the store backpfrontp survey found that 93 percent of consumers said the store shopping \u0026 quot; very easy / convenient \u0026 quot ;, much higher than the network (75%) and mobile devices (61 %). Thus, while each channel shopping experience are improving, but \u0026 quot; easy \u0026 quot; sexual point of view, the store still has an absolute advantage. backpfrontp [121.8 million yuan] backpfrontp Lynx 91.217 billion yuan carnival Op 121,800,000 lead lighting electricity supplier backpfrontp Alibaba, according to real-time data display, the two-eleven cats when daily trading amounted to 91.217 billion, compared to last year, \u0026 quot; two-eleven \u0026 quot; day turnover of 57.1 billion, an increase of 59.7%. Among them, the lighting industry, electricity supplier record is outstanding: Op lighting turnover to 121.8 million for three consecutive years double eleven lighting decoration industry first, this result than the 2014 turnover skyrocketing 94,430,000 27,370,000 NVC to 52 million Turnover came in second, Philips, Austrian duo, three male Aurora, Foshan Lighting, followed by a photo products are breaking the million. backpfrontp from Taobao search index, the category of lamps, table lamps, living room lights, ceiling lamps, chandeliers, lamp, lights have become the main selling products, including table lamps soaring fastest, while the distant ceiling on the number of searches lead. backpfrontp [6] 400 backpfrontp 2015 Forbes China Rich List: six LED industry entrepreneurs list backpfrontp recently, 2015 Forbes China Rich List 400 officially released. Wang Jianlin, Wanda Group to 190.5 billion yuan of wealth to regain the top spot, Alibaba Jack Ma finished second with 138.4 billion yuan of wealth, Tencent Ma to 111.7 billion yuan of wealth ranked third. backpfrontp Throughout the list, there are six entrepreneurs from LED stadium lights industry and its related industries. Among them, the Blue Synopsys Week flock couple with 37.47 billion fortune ranked No. 18; three optical Lin Xiucheng family wealth amounted to 18.42 billion yuan, ranked 56; Op lighting Ma Xiuhui couple with 11.05 billion fortune ranked No. 128; Goertek Jiang Bin couple fortune of 18.73 billion yuan, ranked 53; chairman Gu Wei Siu Chi Inc. wealth value of 9.72 billion, the first 168; Sunqing Huan Lin Wood Co., Ltd., based on the total assets of 12.57 billion yuan came in Article 102 of the Forbes 400, became the richest man in Zhongshan. backp