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Look Over Here! 9.25 Jufei, Hongli And Other Listed Companies And Then A Big Move!

Jan 04, 2017

 Jufei Optoelectronics (300,303), September 24 evening announcement that the company intends to set up wholly-owned subsidiaries in Hong Kong, the registered capital of HK $ 73 million yuan to carry out international trade and investment activities and other business activities. backpfrontp Jufei Optoelectronics, said the establishment of the Hong Kong subsidiary in favor of the latest information on access to international markets, promote the company's products and services to international markets;LED stadium lights help expand international business cooperation projects, accelerate the company's internationalization process, enhance the company's brand and international influence market competitiveness. Board of Directors authorized the company's management is responsible for the implementation of specific matters related to the establishment of a subsidiary. Jufei Optoelectronics early as August 2015 release of the earnings report that it had begun to increase its international clients within the industry competition. At present, the backlight companies share in the international large customers in the very small,stadium lighting and the market far beyond the size of this part of the customer's existing markets. backpfrontp Hongli Opto-electronic (300219), Sept. 25 announcement, said recently there is an invention patent has been granted a patent, and has achieved the State Intellectual Property Office issued a patent certificate related. Details are as follows: Above invention patent patent holder of the Company, they are involved in one of the major technical technology companies.Such patent has been applied to the company's existing products. Patent acquisition,high power led flood light will not have a significant impact on the company's current production, but is conducive to improve intellectual property protection system, play to the advantage of independent intellectual property rights, enhance the company's core competitiveness. backpfrontp Linsen (002,745), Sept. 25 announcement that recently received the Shenzhen Stock Exchange small plates Management Department sent 'on the Linsen Co., 2015 semi-annual report of the inquiry letter,'1000W led flood light according to the requirements of inquiry letter Board of Directors The company has organized relevant personnel to issue inquiry letter raised a serious discussion, self-examination, and the formation of responses. backpfrontp a combined company comparative sales policy listed company nearly three years of inventory turnover and analyze reasons for the changes: backpfrontp reporting period, the Company has applied the accounting policies in full provision for bad debts; company stock in some of the stock goods inventory provision devaluation,led tunnel lights mainly for the company to adjust and optimize the product structure, inventory of goods in some models gradually being replaced by the new models, the company cut prices on older models were processed and provision for impairment. backpfrontp Board considers that: a better quality inventory report period, the amount of inventories, the growth rate of the industry at a reasonable level, in line with the industry and the company's operating characteristics. The company has applied the accounting guidelines for the reporting period in full inventory provision for bad debts. Are backpfrontp Second, prepayments and causes the target company and connected relationship: backpfrontp prepayment objects do not exist in relationship with the company backpfrontp three reasons change each year: backpfrontp the reporting period,led arena light the company substantial growth in business scale, To ease the financial pressure, the company increased the bills settlement efforts. Companies out of the bill is mainly a one-year promissory note, last year out of the next year, due for payment. backpfrontp the previous two years due to the company's operating income over the previous year 39.25%, 60.94%, respectively, in cash flows into new revenue brought enough cash to pay bills Solutions profit increased to cover the outflow. backpfrontp 2015 January to June, operating income grew by only 11.17 percent over the previous year, a substantial increase of the current period for payment of one-year bills over the previous year (mainly due to the end of June 2014 the balance of notes payable 136.28 increase over last year %), which led to a negative operating cash flow. backpfrontp Chau Ming Technology (300232), September 25 Chau Ming Technology Announces feedback on the issue of shares to buy assets and raise matching funds Connected Transaction application file reply.Chau Ming Technology existing businesses increasingly competitive market, companies need to expand the production capacity of the product, maintain good profit growth and the consolidation of marketing channels, and strengthen competitive advantage. Therefore, the company will further build small spacing marketing eco-industrial chain of sustainable development, research and development efforts of small pitch LED high bay ligt products, achieve a small spacing and standardized production of commercial quantities of LED TV. backpfrontp In addition, since the establishment of a subsidiary of Radiant committed to provide our customers with high-quality, high-performance LED display applications and solutions, primarily engaged in the development, design, production and sales of energy-saving high-definition full-color LED display products, It is a leading LED tennis court lights display solutions professional service providers. backpfrontp reporting period Neileidiao operations and production in good condition and results of operations is growing rapidly, but it is still in the capital-intensive investment phase. Benefit from the overseas market development as well as overseas performing arts arena stage resulting display rapid development of the market with high-end LED, Radiant business performance is growing rapidly. Radiant backpfrontp Given its short-term earnings will continue to maintain its existing business scale, its endogenous cash flow expected to be difficult to meet the short-term large-scale capital expenditure, we need external financing. Therefore, from the perspective of the future cash payments, the listed company and its subsidiaries own funds Radiant and future cash inflows sufficient to guarantee the subsequent development of the required capital investment,led gym lights it is necessary to rely on external financing. backpfrontp beneficial up (002 137), Sept. 25 announcement said, because of planning major events, to avoid abnormal fluctuations in stock prices and protect the interests of investors, the company's stock has been suspended since opening July 16, 2015. backpfrontp date of this announcement, the company and related parties are actively promoting this major asset restructuring matters involving the work of the relevant agencies are on the assets of the major asset restructuring involves conducting due diligence, audit, evaluation and so on. Given the uncertainty of the matter, the company shares will continue to be suspended. backp