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Long According To Optical: Modular Tunnel Light / Street Light LED Engineering 2015 Golden Globe Race

Oct 24, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED stadium lights module Yue Motte] has become one of the most practical solutions LED lights popular. With the high quality and high stability after street modules, lighting installation and maintenance simple and convenient, can greatly reduce installation and maintenance costs.  according to Shenzhen OAK LED Limited (hereinafter referred to as its brightest optical) won the modules for lights significance. The company's patented product \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; LED tunnel lights highlight proposes a full modular lighting concept, the use of new technology options that can achieve rapid maintenance and rapid replacement of key modules of the whole lamp, and the product structure through Simple adjustments can be made use of lights and lamps for light, a high power led flood light multi-purpose, it is convenient. backpfrontp from the structural design, said, according to the OAK LED tunnel lights highlight this with a high thermal radiator shell, which uses a comb-like structure, thus greatly improving the exposed surface area of the metal, can effectively improve the heat dissipation, improve 1000W LED FLOOD light luminous efficiency and extend lamp life. backp highlight pole backpfrontp the other hand, the modular design makes whole lamp light tunnel installation and maintenance easier. When combined with the use of polarized lens, you can get the perfect spot graphics, according to Lang, deputy general manager in the Fundamental photoelectric to 'Engineering LED bay light introduced the Road, in the removal of light pollution, the highlight tunnel lamp has a unique advantage, while improving illumination efficiency LED bay lighting solve the problem of precise directional light. backpfrontp As the product structure adjustment can be made through simple street use, according to the photoelectric Long LED lights also take advantage of this convenience. The company's LED Highlight Pole / street has its highlight tunnel lights all the characteristics and advantages. backpfrontp in the Fundamental noted that by LM80 test of this entire LED lights, combined with high-efficiency switching power supply (efficiency \u0026 gt; 90), the whole lamp efficiency can be achieved even more than 150LM / W. Last Golden Globe nominated 2014 Engineering LED street light / tunnel light awards brightest optical, whether by virtue of this year, highlighting the tunnel lights and LED lights further?