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Linsen, Talk About The Next Three Years Guangyu Lighting Lighting Market Development---led Stadium Lights

Dec 14, 2016
Sen Lin Jiliang LED stadium Lighting Division: many challenges, overall optimism backpfrontp very pleased to join the G20 \u0026 mdash; such an organization LED industry's most component LED Lighting Summit . backpfrontp Linsen dominated this year or in two parts, components and finished products. The current consumption of the chip device 33 billion / month, is expected to reach 40 billion by the end / month. Slave applications is divided into stadium lights and display. Lighting mainly concentrated in the low-power,high power led flood light this year's overall development, mainly in 0.2W-0 / 5W product composition. This year's show a small pitch applications will have greater development, outdoor display 3535 there will be a gradual increments. backpbackpfrontp end-product applications, there is a certain level of growth this year, but the number is growing,1000W LED flood light net profit growth is not great. Foreign sales have greater growth this year, the proportion of exports in more than two years have the opportunity to domestic and become a large marketing main. Foreign expansion to its own brands, solid do the brand, do in the local channels, the development of local marketing team. layout backpfrontp in North America, the Middle East, India, Russia and other major global markets, will it gradually step by step plan to within a year or two agents, offices, branch offices and so good, and even in some regions considering the establishment of production bases, In some local markets more powerful protection, to seek local partners. backpfrontp this year's economic situation is not very good, but good luck Linsen, because there is an alternative to traditional LED stage, the growth rate is fairly good, in this wave of replacement, the relatively healthy development. For the next two to three years, the challenge will be a lot, but overall fairly optimistic. backpfrontp Lin Jiliang: Linsen current development of domestic and international together, the greatest pressure for two. The first is talent. In the development of overseas markets, some domestic talents have fears for the assignment, the domestic energy output talent, there is the cultivation of talents abroad. The second is the functional departments within the company how to do logistics. The first is the language problem, and the second is to do things the modalities, Sen also ongoing reforms to improve their capabilities. The second problem is the supply chain. Overseas supply chain than imagined smoothly, the market in each country has its own complexity and particularity. India, for example, each province in each state tax law, the tax is not the same point. How to better understand local operational ideas and principles, we are learning. backpfrontp Guangyu Lighting chairman Xu Fugui: the next three years, LED lighting there was still room for development backpbackpfrontp Guangyu mainly to do outdoor lighting, indoor products over the years do not involve. Better than expected in the first half so good, but at the end of last year is still the possibility of developing complete objectives. In fact, the regional location Guangyu of indoor lighting and is not an advantage. What we need is to come up with Guangyu advantage, only outdoors. LED tunnel light do this in Shanxi local enterprises, especially to make the brand alone outdoors is not easy. 2007 has done bulb, within two months, even with the ship design complete 300,000, early do very well. Late to make products meet national standards, the cost will be high up. led high bay light, research and development center in Shanghai, there are 6,70 people team. backpfrontp we are lighting industry backbone enterprises, once to design the interior lighting, Zhongshan research point of view, 30% of the stores are turned off. The problem lie?gym lights Mainly in the last few years of chaos and quality issues. This Guangyu, although is very stressful, in fact, is an opportunity. We still want to try, and good luck, the Lynx have established a cooperative relationship, do meet the national standard, and price advantage. We also have a certain reputation in the international community, to come up with products that should still be recognized. backpfrontp I think, starting next year, predicted three years, LED street lighting still have room for development. backp