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Linsen Revenue Reached 2.887 Billion Yuan In The First Three Quarters Of The Equity Investment To Expedite Expansion

Apr 25, 2017

 LED Yue Motte] October 29 evening, Linsen (002745.SZ) released its third-quarter earnings report. The report shows that the company's third quarter operating income reached 887 million yuan, net profit of 172 million yuan. LED stadium lights 2015 January to September, mulinsen revenues 2.887 billion yuan, edged up 4.24 percent year on year, net profit of 249 million yuan. This year, mulinsen drastic expansion of production capacity and development of the terminal led stadium lighting business. backpfrontp September, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange small plates Management Department has issued Linsen 'on the Linsen Co., 2015 semi-annual report of the inquiry letter,' Sen case in reply margin declined to explain: As the global LED industry rapid development, LED packaging technology continues to mature, declining raw material costs, high power LED flood light packaging and application products along with declining prices, and unit price of magnitude greater. The company's main business \u0026 lsquo; SMD LED \u0026 rsquo;, \u0026 lsquo; LED applications and other \u0026 rsquo; sales price declining, consistent with the overall trend of 1000W LED flood lights packaging and application industries. backpfrontp since its launch in March this year, Sen has been closely watched both inside and outside the industry. Through expansion, to carry out the lighting business, as well as the capacity of the capital market of hard work, constant investment projects, the establishment of subsidiaries, mergers and acquisitions, developing more rapidly. backpfrontp in October 13, Linsen announcement that the company plans to non-public offering of A shares not more than 8,350 shares, to raise funds not more than 2.316 billion yuan for the expansion project Xiaolan SMDLED packaging, Gian SMDLED packaging a building project, Xinyu LED tunnel lighting applications a construction project. backpfrontp three quarterly increase mulinsen prepayments was mainly due to the LED arena lights package to expand production capacity, increase prepaid material procurement models, there is a new addition to the purchase of equipment and technical innovation, increased purchase of land use rights and other inputs. backpfrontp In fact, Sen biggest advantage is a large-scale production management, has a strong cost advantage and continued with the battle of the marketing campaign. Its production capacity and sales volume has been among the top ten in the world, it is one of the largest number of LED gym lights companies worldwide scale. backpfrontp addition to the packaging field, Linsen also stepped into the manufacture and sale of LED lighting into the finished product, so far, Linsen in the domestic market to build more than 2,000 dealers and more than 26,000 core sales outlets in the country is successfully break into North America, India Turkey and other markets. According to Sen before Nai secretaries and general LED tennis court lights lighting division Lin Jiliang stand on different occasions, you can know, current industry norm, but Sen has established its own development path and plans. Roll package of business expansion and lighting business, are poised for future development better. backp