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Linsen 800 Exclusive Title Golden Globe Witness Moment Of Glory

Mar 26, 2019

   [text / Engineering LED Xuchao Peng] 1700 square meters of awards hall, which can accommodate 800 spectators Assembly scene! I do not know the person who thought it was a rhythm to open superstar concert ? Yes, this is this year's Golden Globe Awards 2015 Engineering new upgrade after a big end of the year on the LED stadium lights industry PARTY. high power LED flood lights industry in this year, the same scale, there are amazing volume Linsen, whether domestic market often gains, or the layout of the global market paid off, a new sail Sen, is step by step to achieve it then dream, youth Zhengsheng, dreams set sail this year coincides with the establishment of 18 Linsen contained corporate slogan is also very good description of it all. backpfrontp To this end, senior engineer 2015 Golden Globe After this new upgrade, Linsen also selected exclusive title, which is both the brand once again raise, but also represents a business focused attitude. Indeed, 1000W LED flood lights giant mulinsen to join, but also to add a lot of this silky color. backpfrontp Of course, over the years since the LED gym lights Engineering has always been no shortage of the annual highlight of the guests, this Hongli Opto-electronic, as photovoltaic, LUMILEDS, three male Aurora, the sun lighting, Ming City and other big science and technology will also be brought to the current gold Engineering Ball Awards. According to the organizing committee said backpfrontp Engineering Golden Globes, The Golden Globes will compete for a total of 10 awards and 31 awards segments: where, including the annual good product, annual lighting, annual lighting, annual brand micro Marketing, Employer of the Year,led high bay lights the Year of listed companies, the annual investment value of the company, annual lighting brand, the annual business leaders, Lifetime Achievement Award, and other segments. backpfrontp and in which site selection rules: 1, the annual good product, annual lighting project Brand of the Year award three micro-marketing and on-site by expert judges voted 50-50 vote to decide the Golden Globe; 2, the annual lighting expert judges will decide the winner of the Golden Globe-site voting; 3. Employer of the Year, the Year of listed companies, the annual investment value of the company,LED street lights annual lighting brand, the annual business leaders, the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Institute of Industrial Engineering and expert judges jointly review and on-site Issue. backpfrontp same time, this Engineering Golden Globes have a new revision, and this is good news for the majority of LED tunnel lights business: Awards 5 performance programs will take all the chips mode, open to the whole industry enterprise application, you can also bring to your company most proud of the program, in the Golden Globe Awards this biggest stage scene, showing the company's culture. Engineering backpfrontp 2015 Golden Globe Awards will be taking place on December 12 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on the fifth floor Plum Hall, are invited to participate in industry-wide business together, now awards ceremony is on free open enrollment mode, enthusiastically welcome to enroll! backp