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Lighting Market Discovered 'India Is Hot,' According To Enterprises Competing To Go To India 'Gold Rush'

Oct 09, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Xuchao Peng] to enter since 2015, when the number of home visits Engineering <a href="http://www.oakled.com/a300wledfloodlight">led flood light</a> business of view, it is the most heard not to do business, in which export the market will bear the most significant impact, especially in the second quarter of the year after. backpfrontp Currently, the number of export-oriented enterprises, more and more increasing pressure, increasing competition, particularly in terms of price competition is most prominent. For our lighting businesses, tied to a fixed foreign customers are more and more difficult. Liu Ruijin 80% Export markets Yuhong photoelectric General Manager of Shenzhen, the export market for the year has its own understanding. backpfrontp Admittedly, not all of the LED stadium light current businesses face an embarrassing decline in this year's results, but the group felt the pressure surge is an indisputable fact. backpfrontp However, in this one, the Indian market has unexpectedly become one of the few of this year's export market growth, halfway blaze Cheng Yaojin, the industry began to gradually reap the rewards of the blue ocean. backpbackpfrontp the Indian market this year, business is very good, it gave me a big surprise, we are now with the Sylvania (Sylvania) India supporting the plant is doing (Germany Sylvania was acquired by Havells India Group), the next step we will go to the end of the Indian market is expected to conduct a detailed investigation, in order to further explore the market of blue. Sales Director Igor lighting industry center Zhao Nannan told Engineering LED. backpfrontp Indeed, India as the world's second most populous country, has been among the world's top ten economies, its economic growth and body mass market can not be underestimated. Currently, with the rapid economic development in recent years, Stadium lights industry growth rate in India is particularly alarming. backpfrontp Indian manufacturing due to the current level is not high, the lower the overall level of LED lighting products on the market which, with respect to the higher threshold of the European and North American markets, domestic enterprises are turning to the Indian market is likely to enter the ranks of high-end products. Coupled with the Indian government is planning to encourage the promotion of the use of LED products, the future Indian LED market growth rate will continue to rise, as domestic high power led flood light enterprises to actively \u0026 lsquo; beachhead \u0026 rsquo; battlefield. Zhao Nannan mentioned. backpfrontp Indeed, from the beginning of this year, domestic enterprises have begun to focus on laying the Indian market channels, more than the beginning, for example, Liard (300296.SZ) spent 1.25 billion rupees (121 million yuan) stake in India's largest 1000W led flood light display Manufacturers MIC Electronics (MIC), a move that also started domestic LED enterprises entered the Indian market in the first shot. backpfrontp Meanwhile, Indian Prime Minister Modi, after winning the election, has been on the Indian government supply of RGB LED flood light products to relax the restrictions (initial purchase requirements specified including Nichia, Lumileds, Cree and Osram and other international giants of the product), as of now The result is that several well-known domestic LED lighting manufacturers, including wood Linsen, Foshan lighting, country star power and Hongli Opto-electronic, and Taiwan manufacturers, such as Edison Opto and Everlight has passed the qualification examination suppliers, continued to enter India Nuggets. backpfrontp the Indian government regulations, the mercury content of compact fluorescent lamps must from now 15 \u0026 mdash; metrics 20mg / lamp, down to less than 3.5mg / Light, in 2020 dropped to less than 2 mg / lamp. Straight tube fluorescent lamps and mercury content to less than 5 mg / lamp (from the current 15-16mg / lights), India is expected to LED tunnel light industry is expected to have substantial growth, 2020 will occupy the entire lighting industry as the proportion of 60%, LED lighting market has great potential. LED production and research Engineering Institute (GGII) senior analyst Lee germinal representation. backpfrontp GLII analysts believe that the Indian market demand for gym lights products mainly rely on imports, of which 80% of lighting products imported from China, along with India's rapid advance of urbanization and industrialization, the 2020 LED lighting market capitalization in India will reach 100 million, of which 2015 \u0026 mdash; LED street light output will reach 41 million. backpfrontp LED market will be one of India's emerging global LED market, the most potential for development, particularly in India after the election, the newly appointed prime minister Modi promised before 2019, each household can be installed at least one bulb, This is an increase of confidence in the civilian market LED lighting applications. Linsen Marketing Center general manager Lin Jiliang mentioned, whether for Linsen, or the majority of domestic LED lighting business, it will be a golden opportunity, India will become a fertile ground to be further developed.