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Lighting Market, 'bloody' According To Enterprises How To Develop?---oak Led Flood Light

Oct 25, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Yue Motte] feeling of companionship is the longest confession. In the 2015 Engineering LED stadium lights supply chain end of the event a good product tour appreciation dinner, when Ren photoelectric Deputy General Manager (currently Lai Diya lighting manager) of Liu Yusheng said affectionately. Began to sprout from the LED industry, LED has been accompanied by senior engineers in the industry side, not just a good product tour, there is a good product selection. Since 2010 to date, the Engineering high power LED flood light Golden Globe Award has been held five sessions, the annual Golden Globes is called Oscar Engineering LED industry. The Golden Globes than just a good product in the supply chain, but also include the downstream end of a good product application. 2014 Golden Globe for downstream engineering LED lamps opened 10 awards, both LED downlights, spotlights, lamps and other light products, but also LED high bay lights, street / tunnel light fixtures and other functions. Engineering 2014 Golden Globe winner and finalists lighting class backp since 2015, the disordered state 1000W LED flood lightmarket improved slightly, the closure, on foot of news no longer prevalent. Many LED lighting companies in the firm on the basis of existing markets, or actively carry out other business, or to continue to break new ground, or committed to LED lighting to achieve the ultimate. For example, last year's Golden Globe winner LED panel lights three male \u0026 middot; Aurora, LED street lighting and lighting designers to build a college of this platform, hoping to make China the designer's favorite platform for designers and LED lighting business Better communication platform, deepen mutual understanding, so as to better implement LED lighting functions. Mitsuo \u0026 middot; Aurora, deputy general manager Chen Songhui representation. And last year won the Golden Globe LED bay light bulb Linsen (022745.SZ) aggressively in overseas markets this year to break new ground. Wright is starting to get involved in the UAV field, general manager of the company's lighting division Chen made was that the market is constantly changing, companies must have the ability to keep up with this change, the fittest to survive. The market is changing, constant pursuit of good product for a good product testing remains unchanged. All efforts on the supply chain companies are to apply to have a better end product, this year's Golden Globe Award Engineering LED tunnel light will continue to maintain an open, public, and impartial manner, for the industry to pick out the most representative market acceptance of most lighting products. Engineering LED chairman Dr. Zhang Xiaofei pointed out that the purpose of the creation of the Golden Globes, LED arena light display just a good product, but hope that through this way, the selection of a good product, a good brand to set the industry benchmark, only everyone in line to the benchmark in order to eliminate unhealthy competition that exists on the current industry and market fundamentally. What are the new entrants will win the 2015 Golden Globe Engineering LED? Last year to get the award this year can renew brilliant lighting companies? Engineering awaited ing 2015 Golden Globe lighting class enterprise and product registration list (Update) backp