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Lighting Factory Closed Two Japanese Matsushita To Launch A New Round Of Restructuring

Oct 14, 2016

 According to Japanese media reports, Panasonic is currently undergoing a second round of restructuring, it plans to shut down before the end of September this year, two in the Japanese mainland stadium lighting equipment manufacturing plant. backpfrontp 2014 fiscal year, Matsushita completed the TV, semiconductor and other loss-making digital business restructuring. Next, Matsushita will focus on the six low-yielding business lighting, batteries and other transformation. backpfrontp Matsushita led stadium Lighting Systems subsidiary of the two factories are located in Osaka and Tokyo, about 250 employees will be transported to other plants. After two plant closures, production will be transferred to the nearby city of Iga, Mie and Tamba factory. Matsushita will invest 1 billion yen ($ 8.18 million) for plant and Tamba Iga factory automated production. Panasonic plans to produce these two plants can increase by 30%, thus improving the overall capacity of Matsushita Lighting equipment. backp Panasonic Iga, Mie lighting factory backpfrontp Osaka high power led flood lighting equipment plant construction in 1967, Tokyo factory built in 1990, two factories mainly produce LED lighting, but the plant aging leads to poor productivity. Panasonic plans to sell these two plants, which will reduce the number of its domestic factories to 10. backpfrontp Although Matsushita Lighting business at first, but the lower lighting equipment manufacturer's product prices in developing countries share in the Japanese market, Panasonic diluted margins. Fiscal 2014, Matsushita Lighting business achieved sales of 317.7 billion yen, but its operating profit margin of only 4.7%, less than 5% of the target set by Matsushita, so the lighting business will become the object of reorganization. Panasonic expects, after restructuring its lighting business in fiscal year 2015 to achieve sales of 342 billion yen, operating profit margin of 6.1%. backpfrontp Panasonic also decided to close before the end of October this year, which is located in Indonesia 1000W LED flood light equipment factory, all future sales in Japan of lighting products will be produced in the country. Matsushita measures to reform the business also includes effective research and development expenses, as well as to high-profit areas. backpfrontp in the previous fiscal year, we completed the structural reforms, Matsushita president Tianjin He Yihong said, these six business focus, our goal is to make sales growth driven profit improvement. backpfrontp Although Panasonic has taken rapid restructuring measures,Led bay light such as closing the Beijing Li-ion battery factory, but also the emergence of new problems, its air purifier sales slump in China, is one of them. backp