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Lighting Channels To Enter The Capital Of Jiangsu Province On Behalf Of NVC Era Of Consolidation Route Through Three New Board

Jan 16, 2017

 three new board listed company create a good (832377) on Monday night released a major asset reorganization report,stadium lights the company intends to 84.1573 million yuan price to buy a good Nanjing, a 100% stake. Nanjing create a good sales agent lighting and accessory products for the main business, the main agent NVC, BDO Runda, Schneider Electric, and other products, which mainly involves NVC commercial led stadium lighting, home lighting, office lighting, outdoor lighting , light electrical appliances such as lighting category. Nanjing, a good record in 2013, 2014, 2015 January-June operating income of 344 million yuan, 420 million yuan, 171 million yuan. In June 30, 2015 as the Valuation Date, Nanjing,high power led flood light a 100% stake in a good method to assess the cost of the assessment of the value 84,157,300 yuan, value-added rate of 8.38 percent, after consultation, the final transaction price of 84.1573 million yuan. backpfrontp according to plan, the company intends to price of 1.41 yuan counterparty / share issue 5,968.6 million shares a good buy Nanjing,1000W LED flood light a 100% stake. backpfrontp create a good representation, the transaction constitutes a major asset restructuring, constitutes a related party transaction, after the transaction is completed, the company's actual controller of Wang Xiaobo still holding 6388.23 million shares, its stake to 53.87%, control of the company did not occur Variety. Wang Xiaobo,led tunnel lights after the chief adviser for the NVC 8 marketing consultants. Wang Xiaobo in 1987 was admitted to the Nanjing Institute of Information Technology professional electronic trade, after graduating in 1989,led high bay light state-owned enterprises engaged in foreign trade sales. After several years of relatively stable but dull day after WangXiaoBo choose their own businesses. 1997 and become attached to the lighting industry, founded in 2000, a one-kai Trade Co., Ltd. Nanjing. Since its inception,led arena lights has been used as operations center in Jiangsu NVC, NVC is responsible for product sales and management in the region of Jiangsu provinces. In 2007, the establishment of Nanjing, a one-kai (Group) Corporation, and became Hong Kong Palace lighting Jiangsu agent,led tennis court lights Hong Kong woo view of a lighting environment dimming system in Nanjing, Jiangsu agent create a good trade basis. June 18 this year, creating a good new board formally. The following table is a good record in nearly three years in Nanjing sales classification data in the table to create a good Nanjing nearly three years operating data led gym lights backp