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Lighting + 3D Print LED 'Chi-made' New Trend

Mar 31, 2017

 [text / Engineering LED Xuchao Peng] walk around town lights Fair, this year to see what the most? Needless to say 3D printing for creative lighting, from last year to today's dazzling handful It is simply a big kill Quartet. backp ubiquitous 3D printing backpfrontp indeed, had only a few companies from early adopters to the current 3D technology matures, many practitioners in LED stadium lights tasted the sweetness of which, as the country's Zhongshan Guzhen lighting laboratory, positive batches The implementation of open. backpfrontp moment 3D printing is gradually shed its \u0026 lsquo; tall \u0026 rsquo; title, and has begun to be applied in the lighting field, such as the use of 3D printing technology help LED stadium lighting research and development, print show new LED lamp, modeling beautiful shade, etc., which have accelerated the introduction of new lighting. Shenzhen vertical Cape Technology Sales Manager Hu introduced the obvious tribute. backpfrontp It is understood, 3D printing technology for lighting manufacturing processes preliminary mold design,high power led flood light considerable benefits, the reason comes from lighting manufacturers Earlier during the lighting design, if you want to create a finished product, must mold manufacturing, and mold costs are often higher, and 3D printing can be a good alternative to this process, thus saving a lot of cost. backp3D print from the creative lighting backpfrontp current market conditions, 1000W LED flood light the price of printing a lamp, hundred small enough to process complex was nearly a thousand dollars, and is therefore a separate mold close to million of cost accounting down 3D printing The cost is very cost-effective. Hu was Gongti to.led tunnel lights Apart from this, as the current smart lighting fire, 3D printing with its functional shape also has greatly improved, since 3D printing can adapt to a variety of design inspiration, and create a real model. backpfrontp 3D printing technology and full integration of intelligent LED high bay light, can not help people on the future of LED general lighting design and application of full of expectations. Guangzhou Rong Yu Technology Liang Jinjun last mentioned. backp participants gather together backpfrontp backp