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Light Of The United States--OAKLED Led Flood Lighting,stadium Lights

Sep 21, 2016

'Light of the United States, the design of large' Mitsuo • Aurora Lighting Academy (Guangzhou Station) re-start

light LED lighting is not only required, leaving space expression has different atmosphere,stadium lights from the emotional to be able to explore with numerous technical knowledge. To promote green energy-efficient lighting, three male Aurora 20 years not only focused on the development of the lighting industry, and more attention to the overall development of the field of design,high power led flood light with one hundred design class has a close working relationship between the universities, we are committed to help China design the sustainable and healthy development. backpfrontp August 20 afternoon, a time when the traditional Chinese festival Tanabata day, the magnificent Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center, led stadium light,by the three male \u0026 middot; Aurora and 'id + c' ('interior design and decoration magazine') co-sponsored three male Aurora lighting College Launching Ceremony cum Design Forum (Guangzhou Station) was held. backp Guangzhou station site backpfrontp This time, lighting College Station star-studded Guangzhou, Guangzhou University School of Architecture,tennis court lights Planning Department Head, Professor flat paint, the pillars of the International Lighting Design (Beijing) Co., Ltd. General Manager Xu Dongliang center, the chief architect of true architectural design company workers Cheng , led street lighting,laborers and Design Institute of South China University of Zheng go far master stage one after another grant Road, three male Aurora Zhangyu Tao, general manager, deputy general manager Chen Songhui, marketing director Wang Jun attended the launch ceremony. backpfrontp from the field of architecture, stadium lights,decoration industry, Planning and Design Institute of the nearly 600 designers to participate in the event, the designers gathered together to listen to master speech, feeling the beauty of the light, and Large design. backp three male \u0026 middot; Aurora general manager Zhang Yutao to join other guests to participate in the launching ceremony backpfrontp entire event is organized by three male Aurora, Deputy General Manager Mr. Chen Songhui speech began, led bay light,he was easy to introduce the origin and significance of lighting College, presented a beautiful vision and imagination . Many executives event, three male Aurora, including general manager Zhang Yutao, marketing director Wang Jun, jointly participated in the launching ceremony.stadium floodlights backpfrontp Thereafter, the pillars of the International Lighting Design (Beijing) Center Co., Ltd., general manager Xu Dongliang, chief architect architectural design company workers really drive Shao, laborers and Design Institute of South China University of Technology,RGB led flood light respectively, Zheng master go far to make 'light from afar - Architectural lighting art Life  Light \u0026 middot; Shadow \u0026 middot; Ling \u0026 middot; territory ',' building shadow space 'theme of the report, triggering widespread recognition site designers. 1000W LED flood light After backp pillars of the International Lighting Design (Beijing) Engineering Center Co., Ltd., general manager Xu Dongliang true architectural design company chief architect away  backpfrontp three teachers After the speech, under the auspices of the Guangzhou University School of Architecture, Planning Department Head,led bay light Professor paint flat, including Xu Dongliang, Cheng , Zheng go far Speakers and designers to participate in the high-end dialogue session to discuss the collision and fusion of lighting design and other design fields, and how to do decorative design agency management and other topics.high power led flood light backp end the dialogue session backpfrontp Since 2003, three male Aurora has been working to promote the development of Chinese design education. They actively carry out exchanges of lighting design universities in more than 50 universities to establish a lighting applications laboratory; tissue Light and Space Forum activities; to establish long-term teaching and university exchanges, corporate headquarters as many universities lighting design practice base, and so on. backpfrontp future on lighting College this platform, led stadium light three male Aurora's design will increasingly play its cohesion, by way of open innovation and stimulate dialogue together designers inspiration, the perfect experience for people to bring more light.tunnel light.