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Liard First Three Quarters Of Revenue Is Expected To Exceed 1.1 Billion Full-year Net Profit Than Expected

Mar 07, 2017

 October 20 evening, the main industry for LED stadium lights display Liard (300,296) released the first three quarterly reports. The report shows that the third quarter of 2015, Liard operating income reached 523 million yuan, representing an increase of 68.12 percent over the same period in 2014, net profit of 103 million yuan, up 182.67 percent surge. backpfrontp Liard side said that the first three quarters (January 1, 2015 - September 30, 2015) operating income reached 1.124 billion yuan, an increase of 55.41%, mainly due to the increase of orders and acceptance of the project report, domestic and international revenue grew; and because Jinda LED stadium Lighting (June to September over the same period last year) earnings growth is faster and acquisitions Leafun culture, Jin Xiang and energy photoelectric products, compared with the previous period due to the increase in revenue. The growth in net profit during the reporting period was mainly due to revenue and operating income growth. backpfrontp Specifically, Liard behind the three quarterly beautiful endogenous purchased mainly two factors. backpfrontp focus on the development aspects of endogenous small spacing. Three quarters of 2015, revenue is recognized television Liard small spacing 400 million yuan, representing an increase of 26.86%; overseas projects due to higher gross margins, small spacing television still maintain a high gross profit margin 41.53%; announcement of the date of this report Day, a small spacing TV new single 710 million yuan signed. On the other hand, domestic high power led flood light small spacing TV market, will gradually expand efforts to put the product in accordance with the degree of stability. backpfrontp Liard side said, 1000W LED flood light small spacing TV orders in line with expectations, orders will be completed 1.1 billion target. backpfrontp while overseas revenue is recognized in the reporting period 261 million yuan, representing an increase of 68.25 %% over the same period last year, overseas revenues accounted for the company's main business revenue of 23.26%. RGB LED flood lights extension of mergers and acquisitions, Riyadh this year is holding a high hit. Tentacles no longer limited to domestic cross-border mergers and acquisitions, but to go overseas, acquired PLANAR100% stake in the United States.LED tennis court lights Schedule I: Profit of subsidiaries during the reporting period: backpbackpfrontp Liard strategic three-wheel drive layout has been completed, the company's development direction and development of ideas very clear, four-wheel sector go hand in hand, for the rapid development of the company provides Maximum boost. The cultural tourism performing PPP as four fusion innovation model has become a new growth point performance of the company. backpfrontp Schedule II: each section of the report period revenue situation: LED gym lights burgeoned in addition to a small pitch, in addition to culture media, intelligent lighting and other fields triumph, Riyadh also actively enter the military market. Three quarterly, since 2012 officially launched a small pitch to the announcement of the date of this report, a small pitch TV achieved a total income of 207 million yuan in the military market. backpfrontp Liard side said the subsidiary from the current net profit over the previous year to achieve 100% growth in orders in hand,RGB led flood lights the company's 2015 annual net profit exceeded 300 million yuan target planning early, is expected.