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LianJian Photoelectric Proposed 1.96 Billion Acquisition Of Four Companies Of The Layout Of The Outdoor Media

Jun 05, 2019

  LianJian photoelectric November 23 evening announcement, to be paid in cash 642 million yuan,LED stadium light and 23.5 yuan / share issue 5609 shares, totaling 1.96 billion acquisition price of four companies, and improve digital Outdoor Media Group distribution chain. Meanwhile, the company intends to raise matching funds 1.12 billion yuan. Company's shares continue to be suspended.High power led flood light backpfrontp acquired four companies were as follows: 800 million yuan acquisition of Shenzhen City of Mary Network Technology Co., Ltd. 88.88% stake in 496 million yuan acquisition of Shanghai Li Tang Marketing Management Limited 100% stake in 364 million yuan to acquire a limited spread of Shanxi Hua100% stake in the company 300 million yuan acquisition of Ocean Media Culture Co., Ltd. 100% of the shares. backpfrontp Shenzhen force Ma to provide our enterprise customers with Internet-based search engine marketing services,LED gym lights its main advertising strategy + business model for the advertising technology + advertising. backpfrontp Hua Taiyuan is the one based on regional market of outdoor advertising media providers, which will be based on the customer's communication needs, combined with the propagation characteristics of the various types of media, as well as the point of the characteristics of different media,LED high bay light customer communication strategy developed by the company owned outdoor media resource network, providing customers with advertising services. backpfrontp Don Reed is specialized in providing marketing communication services activities of the enterprise, line of business activities under the management of the whole chain integration services to customers,LED tennis court lights including creative and design planning marketing strategies and activities, the activities of specific programs, activities and field operations management. backpfrontp Ocean Media is mainly based on the integration of the country's own third-party outdoor media resources, to provide customers with one-stop outdoor advertising solutions for outdoor advertising agency services. backpfrontp through acquisitions,1000W led flood lights the company's existing outdoor media network business to expand, outdoor advertising agency business to achieve horizontal expansion, the Internet advertising business greatly enhanced, local media resources to floor layout and advertising services, advertising business strength has markedly increased. backp