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LG LED Movie Screen Enters Taiwan Market

Jun 04, 2020

According to Korean media reports, LG’s latest LED movie display officially entered the Chinese Taiwan market. A 4K large screen with a height of 7 meters and a width of 14 meters was set up in Xinxin Xiutai Cinema in Taichung, with Dolby surround sound, providing unprecedented Sound and light feast. This is also the first commercialization of LG's movie display products.

LEDinside reported last month that LG had already registered a trademark for its LED movie display screen at the end of this year and plans to start promoting related businesses. LG originally expected to debut LED movie display products at this year's US Film Equipment Exhibition, but the exhibition was cancelled due to the epidemic.

LG's movie display is set in the 300-person hall of Xiutai Cinema, with a screen height of 7 meters and a width of 14 meters, supporting 4K display effects.

The movie display screen is one of the niche applications of ultra-small pitch LED display products, and it is also an emerging market that related manufacturers have entered. Samsung has been cooperating with global studio manufacturers since 2018 to lay out its Onyx LED movie display products, and LG has also started to enter the market this year. In addition, Japanese SONY and mainland manufacturers Liade, Chau Ming Technology and Alto Electronics are also actively promoting.

The small-pitch display is also the main application of the current Mini LED display technology in addition to backlighting. LEDinside estimates that with the increase in demand for LED display in high-end retail, conference rooms, movie theaters and other commercial display market segments, the compound annual growth rate for 2019~2023 It is expected to reach 14%, and with the continuous fermentation of the ultra-small pitch trend in the future, it is estimated that the compound growth rate of LED small-pitch displays in 2019-2023 will reach 27%.