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Lehman Photoelectric Chairman Invested 18 Million Yuan Holdings Of Shares---oak Led Staidum Light

Oct 08, 2016

front Lehman photoelectric August 27 announcement,stadium lights based on confidence in the future development strategies and good prospects for development of the company optimistic about the long-term domestic capital market value of the investment, the company chairman Mr. Li Mantie on August 25 to August 27 between the date of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange centralized auction trading system through the total holdings of 104.63 million shares of company shares, holdings of the total amount of $ 18 million. Mr. Li Mantie This will help maintain the company's stock price stability, and earnestly safeguard the interests of the majority of investors, while highlighting the Lehman executives for the future development of the company's determination and confidence. backpfrontp recently, Lehman photoelectric announcement said the company intends to change the securities referred to former Lehman photoelectric Lehman shares. The name change means that Lehman's LED stadium light and sports dual main industry strategic layout has been formed, marking the Lehman opened a new era of development. backpfrontp Previously, Lehman photoelectric strategic partner as the Chinese Football Association Super League, in a league official partner, while maintaining the soccer tournament high power LED flood light service market leadership, has started to carry out a series of sports strategic layout operation, the company sports business and its increasing the proportion of revenue, the company's sports industry is also increasingly deepen ecosystem perfect. backpfrontp July 14, the company announced the establishment of Hing Sports Culture Fund, financed size of 500 million yuan, the underlying quality of the sports culture, sports science and technology, the Internet and other areas of screening, storage and incubation for Lehman integrate sports industry chain resources to provide adequate preparation can help companies to obtain new investment opportunities and new profit growth point. backpfrontp July 30, the company announced that the chairman of the company Mr. Li Mantie will invest 25 million euros and the Wanda Group, IDG,gym lights the Chinese Cultural Foundation, the Oriental Pearl Tower and other investors to participate Sports Media Group's equity investments. Infront Group is the world's second largest sports marketing company in the field of football 1000W LED flood light and winter sports ranking first in the world, Mr. Li Mantie infront of the equity investment will drive Lehman participate fully in the international sports market, as Lehman's sports strategy provide synergistic. backpfrontp the end of July, Mr. Li Mantie investment in the establishment of the Beijing Science and Technology Development Co., Lehman twelfth man's first Internet + Sport Products Chapter 12 APP formally launched, to build the home fans in China, provide relevant for the Chinese soccer fans news, games, electricity providers, SMG and other services, the future will become open sports culture Lehman consumer market platform. Mr. Li Mantie investment in Shenzhen Everyone football club unbeaten get 2015 Shenzhen 29th Amateur Football League champion, is expected to campaign for the National League next year.Lehman currently sports led arena light marketing resources + Internet + strategic investment acquisitions layout has been formed, the future, as China's economic development, institutional and consumer bonus dividend will promote China's sports industry boom of continuous improvement, China's sports industry will usher in industrial scale the explosive growth in the good macroeconomic environment, sports development strategy Lehman worth the wait! (This article is Lehman photoelectric contribution)