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LED Thickening Performance Of Listed Companies In 2015 Took The Number Of Subsidiaries Subsidy?

Feb 27, 2017

   As the LED stadium lights business development opportunities, government subsidies for the project has been the focus of attention of the LED lighting industry. According LED stadium lighting Xiao Bian observed since 2015, LED lighting subsidiary have also enjoy government subsidies. Meanwhile, the government also hopes to subsidize projects to accelerate the pace of development of environmental protection, environmental protection and energy to solve problems and promote rapid economic development. backpfrontp Australian foreign Shunchang subsidiaries eligible for government grants 8,000,000 yuan backpfrontp 2015 October announcement that Australian foreign Shunchang hair subsidiary Huaian Australian foreign Shunchang Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. received Qinghe District Huai'an people in September 30, 2015 The Government allocated funds in 2015 8,000,000 yuan subsidy discount. The grant funds will be fully recognized in profit or loss when received. backpfrontp Australian foreign Shunchang said subsidies received by this company 2015 annual performance does not have a significant impact on the company's high power LED flood light business has a positive impact on future operations. backpfrontp three security optoelectronics company eligible for government subsidies to 170 million yuan backpfrontp 2015 October three safety photoelectric (600703) announced that the wholly owned subsidiary of Fujian Jing An optical notified: according to the county government to accelerate the development objectives and requirements of the emerging high-tech industry clusters promoting the development of Anxi County, 1000W LED flood light photoelectric industrial chain, allocation Fujian Jing An Optical Co., Ltd. Technology three funds total 170 million yuan of financial subsidies. backpfrontp Currently, the payment has been received. Upon receipt of the money is recognized in current earnings, have a positive impact on the company's third quarter results. backpfrontp Mason Technologies subsidiary is eligible for government subsidies 48,771,300 yuan backpfrontp 2015 August Mason Technologies announced that a wholly owned subsidiary of Hubei Mason Technologies Co., Ltd. received Xiantao City Industrial Park infrastructure project of three parcels of land supporting fee subsidy capital 48,771,300 yuan. RGB led flood light According to regulations, subsidies received this belongs to government grants related to assets, the company will be recognized as deferred income from related assets available for use when starting, in accordance with the expected period of use of assets, deferred income will be apportioned equally transferred to profit or loss. Led tunnel lights Feile Audio-Visual subsidiaries eligible for government subsidies to 28.8 million yuan backpfrontp 2015 August Feile Audio-Visual announcement that the company's wholly owned subsidiary in Shanghai Yaming Lighting Co., Ltd. recently received energy efficient lighting products and semiconductor lighting products to promote financial subsidies, respectively, 20.6 million yuan and 8.2 million yuan, totaling 28.8 million yuan. backpfrontp company said net profit have a greater impact of the above financial subsidies will be the year 2015 the company, the company's accounting treatment of the above-mentioned financial subsidies to the final results still after the annual audit confirmation. backpfrontp BDO Runda two subsidiaries eligible for government subsidies to 70 million yuan backpfrontp 2015 In July 2009, BDO Runda announced that a wholly owned subsidiary of Dalian BDO Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. notified, Dalian BDO Optoelectronics declared 'LED flip-chip chip scale package 'approved, included 2015 Industrial Fund (second installment),LED high bay lights funds to support 50 million yuan; backpfrontp owned subsidiary of Bengbu three Yi Semiconductor Ltd. notified, the Hi-tech Zone 6 May 27, director of the office will examine the decision and agreed allocation of Bengbu three capital 20 million yuan Yi industry support for Bengbu three Yi preliminary R \u0026 D investment. backpfrontp BDO Runda said the discount received money belonging to the government subsidies related to income,led arena lights will be recognized in profit or loss when you receive, so the company will have a positive impact on 2015 earnings year. backpfrontp Hua Canguang electronics companies eligible for government subsidies to 5.5 million yuan backpfrontp 2015 January HC SemiTek announced that the wholly-owned subsidiary of HC SemiTek (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. received Zhangjiagang Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee 'HC SemiTek on giving ( Suzhou) Co., Ltd. industrial development subsidies of approval 'of the document, led tennis court lights agreed disbursement HC SemiTek (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. industrial development subsidies to 5.5 million yuan. backpfrontp the amount has been disbursed arrival. backp