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[Annual] CITIC: Scale, Healthy Cash Flow To Enhance The Overall Competitiveness

Dec 24, 2018

  [text / Engineering LED Xuchao Peng With LED product prices intensified, upstream enterprises supporting manufacturers are increasingly high requirements, in order to transfer cost pressures, we regard the cost of upstream manufacturers control, quality control, have put forward more stringent requirements. backpfrontp Beginning this year, CITIC Group has successively developed a strong attack of LED stadium lights circuit board plan, double-sided LED small power supply board has reached 200 yuan / square meter from the set, we have to do is to make a large number of high power LED flood light power supply manufacturers greatly reduce the cost in order to enhance their own competitiveness, we grow with our customers. Executive director of CITIC Group will ring Ding told reporters. backpfrontp present CITIC Group aluminum plate, double-sided as the main products, including dual-panel, due to the large investment in equipment, the threshold is high, has been used as CITIC's core product, the advantage through large-scale manufacturing are cost-effective in many industries You can reach the forefront. backpfrontp based CITIC Group, a large capacity,1000W LED flood light the raw material we can be unified large purchases, illustrate, we can be a one-time purchase of 300,000 a month Queen material, which is basically a year of a lot of small and medium enterprises purchases. Ding will ring mentioned. backpfrontp It is understood that CITIC Group in Shenzhen, Huizhou, have production bases in Jiangxi, which is responsible for PCB Allegro proofing Shenzhen, Huizhou flagship small batch production, while Jiangxi park will assume the task of mass production. backpfrontp 11 months, the CITIC Group, Huizhou Daya Bay plant's second phase has begun renovation, will buy the industry's top equipment, to more high-precision PCB into the area, high power led stadium floodlights and all production lines are all automated production. backpfrontp 2015 since Citic China annual sales target, so far has been basically completed, which mainly benefited launched earlier this year electricity provider model, widely favored customers, in the industry to achieve the effect even 10 earthquake. Ding will ring describe Road. backpfrontp enter later this year, CITIC, closely follow the market trend, the implementation of the new marketing model change, promoting electricity providers mode, the entire price is 30% cheaper than the original traditional sales prices, which greatly enhance the company's overall competitiveness. backpfrontp and comes to price wars, will ring Ding also said, LED tennis court lights after years of development, upstream and downstream from the point of view basically overcapacity, everyone in order to survive, to fight a price war among manufacturers is inevitable, but how to grasp the product quality red , is the next wave of industry reshuffle among key to survival! backpfrontp Overall, LED gym lighting as a new generation of revolutionary technology, energy saving, environmental protection, efficiency, and many other features, especially in the environmental pollution and other factors today , LED football stadium lights industry will undoubtedly become the focus of national and social interest, late in the policy is bound to support the introduction of various incentives. And we CITIC Group in this trend, complete with PCB layout as the core, a collection of mall Li Chong components, steel Wang Shi Ministry of Industry and sample SMT common development business model, and gradually improve throughout the electronics industry around supporting industrial chain, to build the strongest manufacturing enterprises. Ding will ring last mentioned. backpfrontp at December 11 --12 days, the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on the fifth floor Azalea Hall at the 2015 annual meeting of LED street lights Engineering, CITIC will discuss with guests, so stay tuned backp!